“Colin did you crow?”

Was that a crow I heard this morning? Was it? Today is nothing short of a ‘stunner’ of a day. Gorgeous and with a bit of luck, I’m going to close the office early and flee outdoors. My garden is calling! We have had some rain lately as you do, leaving the ground in different parts of the …

After the storm

We have had some of the worst weather I have ever experienced in Auckland this past week. I scratch my head at times and wonder at the wisdom of living on an island in the South Pacific! Nice spot to be when the weather is good, but! This past week we have been hammered by …

Winter at Frog Pond Farm

It may be July, nearly mid winter and birthday month for some (namely me) – but it is also time for another monthly update for the Garden Share Collective. A fab group of like minded global garden bloggers – sharing their verge patches with all those interested. I must say, I not only enjoy sharing …

Loving my brassicas

Most Sunday nights I write my blog – I sit in the dining room with the heat pump on, and ponder over the week’s happenings. I don’t know about you, but my garden never ceases to amaze me, even in winter time our veges are happily growing and sharing their space with weeds and other …

Pretty as a picture

Aussie here I come! I’m off tomorrow to visit friends and family in Melbourne and I’m excited. And it just so happens that I’m having a one on one session with a fantastic photographer – Leanne Cole while I’m there too! How good is that! I was particularly bad last week and didn’t do a post. Shameful …

Bye bye Autumn …

and hello winter and ‘The Garden Share Collective’. It’s time for another monthly update where a group of like minded garden bloggers, share their vege patches with all those interested – the trials and tribulations of growing your own! Today is so mild about 18, which given we have had two frosts already this week is amazing! Those …

It’s a blue day

This is a gate, and when you live in the country with animals you must ‘shut’ gates, especially those that lead into a prized vege garden. I think my sheep must have thought they had died and gone to heaven when they spotted the gate to my beautiful vege patch wide open. Of course when I saw them …

What should I call him?

Well we have new additions to the Frog Pond Farm community .. one rather gangly Splash Orpington rooster who is about 20 weeks old and devoid of tail feathers, and two rather gorgeous Australorp hens aged about 16 weeks. So our new alarm clock has arrived, although he is yet to crow! As chooks are notorious for having …

Autumn magic …

I love my garden, my camera and autumn! The last few days have been magic … I just love this mild weather, warm sunny days and masses of coloured leaves underfoot. Seriously I have had the best weekend in my garden, and out and about with that camera (sorry about the scattered pics with no …

Olives and The Garden Share Collective

It’s time for another The Garden Share Collective update.  A monthly community of like minded garden bloggers who put pen to paper to share their vege patches with all those interested – the trials and tribulations of growing your own! Thanks Lizzie and congrats to you on the birth of Isla. This weekend has been another harvest …


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