Cats, climate and coffee

I’m sitting at my usual spot at the kitchen table, my fingers are dancing on the keys of my laptop .. tap, tap, tap. Outdoors the wind is howling like some mad dog .. craving for attention.  I glance over my shoulder. Our pines and poplars are being whipped into a green frenzy .. It’s summer right? You have got to …

Nature’s Television …

I hope there are survivors from my epic post last week. I’m ever conscious that people are ‘time’ poor and that while some may love gardening tips (when I remember to include them), others I’m sure are yawning and scrolling quickly to the end wondering when my drivel is due to cease .. oh heaven …

Oh it’s December ..

It was the most gorgeous day yesterday but I was desperate to get this post done .. so I was indoors busily typing. It’s time for another Garden Share Collective update, where a group of global garden bloggers put pen paper to share their veg patches with all those interested. If you get a chance, pop on over to Lizzie’s blog from Strayed …

Busy …

Busy times at Frog Pond Farm. Jeff (a good bloke) mulched all our olive cuttings, pine branches and a host of carbon bits that had been cluttering up the place. Now I have 3 rather good sized piles of mulch which I shall use on the veg garden and surrounds. Not the pine mind you … …

Short on words

I thought this week I would let the pics do the talking. We have been so busy planting, weeding, feeding, sowing and caring for all those chooks and chicks at Frog Pond Farm. And as the boys (hubby and brother) wanted to go fishing on the weekend without me, it was only fair that they …

Share that garden

I’m sitting in our dining room tapping madly away on my laptop. It’s time for another Garden Share Collective update, where a group of global garden bloggers put pen paper to share their veg patches with all those interested. If you get a chance, pop on over to Lizzie’s blog from Strayed from the Table …

Oh dear …

It looks like our lovely rooster Collin has leg problems. He is an ‘orpington’ which is a heavy breed and apparently prone to leg issues. He is lame and in the chicken world when you are a bloke this is not a good thing. He has stopped crowing, looks like some sad old man hunched up and …

Outdoors and loving spring!

We have a long weekend coming up Labour Day. Nice. Time to poke those Cherokee tomatoes into the dirt with some good buddies close by like basil. I’m even thinking of popping in a chamomile too – home grown of course. Yes, it is planting time at Frog Pond Farm. More on that next post. …

October chores

The weather over the weekend was stunning. Perfect for walks on the beach with the pooch and gardening – and we did lots of that! Those spuds we planted last weekend are shoving aside the dirt already – so I doused them in manure tea today for a bit of added encouragement. The strawberries are …

Not the olive trees ….

I was sitting in the dining room last night tapping away on the laptop writing this post. A particularly pleasant aroma was wafting around the room – rosemary, garlic and roast lamb (sorry all you vegetarians). Hubby was cooking our dinner … Truthfully not everything is always rosy at Frog Pond Farm.  Andrew arrived indoors the other night and said ‘something …

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