My slice of heaven …

This garden statue was much loved by my father. He called her Myfanwy a Welsh name. He was so very proud of her and had her positioned in his garden in a prime position so that she could be admired, if only by him. When it was time to bring her to Frog Pond Farm, …

I’m not grumbling!

I am loath to talk about the spring weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love that spring is here, the grass is growing like mad, spring flowers are blooming, blossoms are out in the orchard and buds are bursting on the trees. But the truth is, spring is often unsettled in Auckland and can be super windy. …

‘D’ stands for …

The question is what does ‘D’ stand for? How about seedling destruction by a diabetic old kitty, who by the way, is lucky to be alive! Traipsing through into the kitchen to do the morning chores the other day, while hubby was away, I was met by my seedling punnets on the floor minus the seedlings! What? …

When the cat’s away …

Andrew has an aversion to pruning – well specifically fruit tree pruning. So the way I look at it is this, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And as he has gone away with some good buddies on a surfing jaunt OS, I have had a nice time in the orchard pruning! Yes, …

Bring on the blossom

Wet, cloudy, windy … perfect spring weather! I knew I should have escaped the office on Friday and got out into the garden when the sun was shining. Damn! But that’s just the way it goes. I have loads to do in my garden and orchard too, so some nice weather would have been a …

Central Otago … just stunning!

I’m back from Central Otago. A very quick visit to check on vineyards, enjoy some gorgeous scenery and haul out that camera whenever possible. So in no particular order here they are … Botanical gardens Queenstown with the Remarkables Time warp in Arrowtown .. Pinot Noir grapes at MacArthur Ridge vineyard … Dam and ducks …

Get growing …

We have germination! Those seedlings are up … I’ve even pricked out some of the zinnia, spinach and Cherokee toms which are now sitting quite happily in punnets with a good planting mix. They have been sprayed with seaweed fertiliser which I’m sure they enjoyed and are due to be moved into our small greenhouse. Andrew woke …

Get sowing …

  The weather was gorgeous last weekend .. there are buds forming on the peach trees in the orchard, the almond tree is already starting to show a few white blossoms, daffodils are nodding in the breeze and the hyacinths in the orchard are looking pink and pretty. How good is it standing back and observing? …

Garden plan done and dusted

Wow, it’s August already and only one more month until spring! Yay. Plus it’s The Garden Share Collective month, where a group of global gardening bloggers share their vege patches with all those interested. The trials and tribulations of growing your own. Thanks to the lovely Lizzie from ‘Strayed from the table’ for this great initiative. So what’s …

“Colin did you crow?”

Was that a crow I heard this morning? Was it? Today is nothing short of a ‘stunner’ of a day. Gorgeous and with a bit of luck, I’m going to close the office early and flee outdoors. My garden is calling! We have had some rain lately as you do, leaving the ground in different parts of the …

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