Clouds and olive oil

We had some friends staying with us from Tasmania just recently. I had a brain wave and suggested a weekend away for the girls (Lizzie and I) at a resort at Karioitahi beach on the West Coast, leaving the boys at home and why not? Nothing like some pampering at the resort spa, beautiful sea …

Sailing into Autumn

Can you believe that it has taken me over two months to do this post? Shame on me! We went on holiday with some friends a few weeks back … sailing in the Whitsunday Islands, something that I have longed to do for years. For those that don’t know, the Whitsunday Islands are located in tropical …

A mighty summer

Frog Pond Farm is looking particularly lush – we have had some rain recently, well quite a lot actually. The grass is electric green. Chook towers Our property is approx 10 acres and being a chicken fan, I dedicated a paddock to my feathered friends. For all those that don’t have chooks you are probably …

Nature’s supermarket

The sky is bright blue today .. a fringe of cloud puffs dot the horizon. It is hot and humid, but there is a good breeze which is doing a splendid job of banging the blind against the open window .. I’m ensconced upstairs in the garage. This is the time of year that the …

Bill will love this!

I’m sitting here tapping away on the laptop gazing out the window. It is another gorgeous summer’s day, birds are chirping madly, butterflies are cartwheeling in the light breeze and I’m indoors feeling guilty. I should be out in the garden, but it’s hot and I have a post that I must do … It …

The colours of summer

Does much change in your garden from year to year? Seems that many things are much the same as they were last year at our place! What a surprise … I dug up a garlic the other day and found nothing at the end. In fact, if it wasn’t for the garlic smell I would …

An eye to the sky …

An eternity seems to have slipped by since I last did my last post (ok 6 weeks at least)! The calendar says Spring is with us but I have my reservations, the weather has been an extension of winter with rain, rain and more rain. Nothing seems to stop the weeds from growing though – …

Beside the seaside

I could never be a travel blogger .. my posting skills are appalling. We have been back home for 6 weeks and I still haven’t got you to the UK  … here goes With only a handful of days of our holiday remaining, we left France via planes, trains and automobiles to get us to …

Yet more holiday rantings …

Hello France, hello beautiful weather, hello expanding waistline! Flying into Toulouse our destination was a village called Najac which is about 1.5 hours away. The reason for our trip was to meet another blogging friend, Annette. The motorways in France are well signed which is great, however their speed limit is 130 km which hubby …

More holiday rantings

Let’s get back to the Mediterranean … Greeks love their garlic which they add to most savoury dishes. I have eaten some of the best tzatziki I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, used crusty bread to mop up Greek olive oil which had been poured lovingly onto a side plate, shared oven baked …

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