Oh so lucky

Do you ever stop what you are doing and wonder about things? I often find myself standing on the hill above our olive grove, casting my eyes over our land. It usually brings a smile to my face. I can’t believe how lucky I am. It’s about this time that I gulp lungfuls of the …


I clambered out of bed the other morning and was greeted with – “the sheep are in the back yard!” Pardon? You must be kidding I thought peering through the window. Yep, the sheep were indeed in the back yard – there is a first time for everything. The previous night they were safely contained behind …

Holiday Samoa

You know that holiday I mentioned? We arrived back from our sojourn in Samoa, slightly tanned, refreshed and weighing a bit more … That’s one of the downsides of holidaying. For a few days the weather was reminiscent of Auckland and we needed an umbrella to get about.  But on Tuesday we hauled the curtains back to a bright …

Out and about

We have had the best weather for over a week now .. blue skies, cloud puffs, mild temps. In fact, I think I can see the grass growing .. Fishing was on the agenda last weekend in Pauanui a holiday destination on the east coast of NZ. I’m an avid fishing fan who can bait her own hook, cast …

Blues of winter

I actually don’t really mind winter too much, I just despair when there is rain day after day. I love that winter means wearing layers of clothes, boots and scarves, and dining on soups with crusty warmed bread and lashings of butter. It is also time to open the larder door and peek inside finding jams, …

Winter light

I needed some kaffir lime leaves for an Asian recipe I was cooking for dinner the other night. Whizzing outdoors with torch in hand, it quickly became apparent that the gardener at Frog Pond Farm needs a good talking to. The said tree was sporting yellow leaves, a good sign that it is mineral and TLC …

July at our place …

I was wandering about my garden yesterday admiring my vegetables as I do, hoisting the odd weed, mounding brassicas and promising those voracious feeders, that I would be back soon with some homemade fertiliser. The veg garden and duck pond Did I return? Yes, I waltzed back camera in hand, parting leaves to gloat at the purple …

A touch of frost …

Hubby is cooking me dinner again tonight – Spaghetti Vongole, my contribution will be a tasty Greek Salad. Spoilt aren’t I? His signature dish … a ‘sort of Paella’ I woke up the other morning rolled over thrust my hand under the bed and let my fingers locate the iPhone. It wasn’t ringing, I just …

The beach

My garden is doing really well thanks, I just don’t have any photos of it though, how bad is that? So much for this being a blog about gardening. The truth is, while I am devoid of pics of our place,  I have loads of pics of our local beach, all taken recently. The question …

Change in the air

It has arrived .. winter that is. The weather has gone from gorgeous balmy autumn days to being bleak, windy, cold and wet. Did I say very wet? We went to the beach the other day – the weather was so bad, we didn’t leave the vehicle, but instead watched the waves as they crashed …


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