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Our duckpond ….

I have never blogged before – ever! But there is a first time for everything isn’t there?  I have kept a garden diary now for at least 3 years or so and found it to be invaluable! It is brilliant to refer to … see what you did and when. Plus it is super to help with crop rotation and the likes .. goes without saying and heaven forbid it allows you to also record those ‘mistakes’ that we make and let’s face it, even the best gardeners make them – don’t they?

Our property has been a massive work in progress for us since our arrival here 7 years ago from the city. We have planted an array of trees, an olive grove, an orchard complete with exotic fruit trees (well I think so anyway), raised vegetable beds, ornamental gardens and native plants along a creek which gently meanders from our duck pond (devoid of ducks!)

My hubby and I are both passionate gardeners and can often be seen outdoors regardless of the weather toiling away in that garden. I have spent the last 4 years studying horticulture, much of what I have learnt is practiced on our property, including organics and utilizing various permaculture methods.
I also make the majority of our fertiliser brews, which while they may smell unpleasant, the garden stand to attention when they are splashed about!

But enough of me … let’s get gardening

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