Unveiling those splendid brassicas

A very special day, the removal of the cloche. It is time to give those cauli, cabbage and broccoli some breathing room.  The growth of these plants is significant …. given they have only been in the ground for the past 7 weeks.

As with all unveilings, I stand their appraising my vege, patting those gorgeous leaves and wondering how they will go without their ‘sleeping bag’. The cloche really is much like a tunnel house, warming the environ and giving them shelter from the wind. Plus we can’t forget, it makes entry for those mollusk pests doubling difficult. Now sadly, snails and slugs will find access much easier. With this in mind, I have chucked about some wood ash, which tends to ‘unslime’ those vermin. The negative with this wonderful powder is of course rain … and in Auckland there is always plenty of it. Still with this in mind, I shall sleep a little better this evening.

Yes I’m bragging! See the dill and the geranium fighting for space?

As an after thought and much needed if your garden is in a windy spot. You need to ‘mound’ dirt around your brassicas. As they grow they do elevate themselves from the soil so you need to build the soil up around their base … really pack it in and up, it will support them and keep them grounded!

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