Away on holiday ..

Yes there is a time in the life of all gardens when they have to ‘fend’ for themselves! With the exception of those damned slugs and snails winter is without doubt the easiest time to leave the garden for any period. No need for water – especially in Auckland, there is always plenty of that provided, because of the garden’s locale frosts don’t really cause problems, well not in the vege garden anyway. Most of the pests are tucked away for winter … waiting for spring, there is no need for fertilising – I have done plenty of that. No the biggest problem I may have will be an escapee chook. Do they like it when we are away? Absolutely! Nothing better than scratching around in Julie’s wonderful garden beds. Why? Because they are full of worms and they just happen to have some rather tasty vege leaves to tear away at. Truth is they know when I’m not home.

So, with this in mind, I am away now for a month … am I worried about my garden? You bet I am!

Enjoy those holidays Julie.

Meet my buff orpington rooster … Russel Crow and his girls

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