Bana grass and more!

Learnt a nasty little lesson today as you do. I got some bana grass cuttings from Shelly beach farm (bio dynamic) about 12 mths ago and then poked them in the soil behind our garage.
They have grown like mad, which given this spot doesn’t get all day sun is amazing!

I read somewhere that bana grass is classified as a weed (this is a worry). Grown in the perfect environment (Queensland for eg) it can grow up to  70 cm per week. And it gets tall – really tall, in the vicinity of 12ft plus. Perfect to use as shelter for a vege garden (go figure why we planted it behind our garage?). It also makes top cattle fodder.

So, I found myself having one of my ‘bright’ ideas and decided that we should mulch some of it. This would mean having to squeeze between the garage and the grass, use my sharp secateurs and literally cut through the rather large stalks (about 4 cm in diameter). Once this job was complete,  haul the long grass stalks about 8 ft in length past the garage and trees and deposit in the car port for mulching. Terrific idea – I just didn’t bank on it giving me lots of superficial cuts from its finely serrated leaves. This wouldn’t have been an issue except that I have a shoot on this week. Andrew is also not impressed to see the mountain of bana grass lying in the carport ready for mulching!

Macerata cauli …
Scilian Violet Cauli heirloom …

Well the cabbage and the large Scilian violet cauli have both been hauled out, plus we have also been munching on the macerata cauli too which is divine steamed.

The garlic is looking pretty good although I have my reservations about the bought cloves from the Kerikeri market. In fact, I think I will head back outdoors to throw some fertiliser about (seaweed of course).

Absolutely beautiful day today, so was yesterday. We have had several frosts recently which the canna lilies and the taro haven’t much enjoyed … but generally the various beds are looking good …

I finally got around to pruning the roses. A bit late admittedly. I gave them a real prune this time around – especially the red one next to the stairs. It had rust and black spot which I just couldn’t get rid of even though I tried various sprays organic of course. Lavender water, seaweed fert, baking soda and water all to no avail. Being me, I refuse to use copper or sulphur sprays here which I know would really help.

One more … the lovely lemon tree in the back yard, which has citrus scab and some sort of fungal issue on the underside of the leaves lost a large branch on Friday. Laden with fruit. I cut it off and used pruning paste. I also chopped out a few other branches endeavouring to ‘open it up’ – needs air movement.  I might spray some Neem oil ( a natural product from the Neem tree) and seaweed on this tree. I have heard the Neem not only is good at deterring pests but can also be used as a fertiliser. I particularly like the smell!

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  1. Hi,I want to ask a question, please. Does that bana grass that you planted did have seeds? I am making a research about the bana grass and I chanced upon your blog. I work as a plant research specialist here in the Philippines.

  2. Hello again Julie,Thanks for the information. I am still doing research on the bana grass and will travel to Gympie in two weeks time. I heard of a nursery of bana grass there.Thanks again..

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