Azolla …

What is Azolla? Any ideas? Well a few years ago I have absolutely no idea either. It wasn’t until a friend who is a botanist enlightened us.

Azolla is a water plant, a fern actually, also known as duck weed that cleverly fixes nitrogen. It grows vigorously doubling its biomass every 2 – 3 days, possibly why it has been dubbed as a ‘super plant’. We just so happen to have this plant growing on our duck pond, which it can easily cover if left alone. Interesting. It is also food for some species of fish, insects and some ducks also enjoy it.

Saying this, Andrew loathes the stuff, so swimming pool skimmer in hand he has spent the last few hours diligently scooping this weed out.

Me? Well I should have got him to put it in bins as this wondrous stuff will make an excellent mulch for my gardens. Why? Because as it rots down it will supply my garden with nitrogen and I believe some protein too. Looks like I shall be busy!

Azolla …

The clarity of this pic isn’t brilliant, but that green weed on top of the pond is azolla, and there is lots of it. This shot was taken a week after the skimming.

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