August in the Garden


The weather this morning was beautiful. It is so nice to see the sun out at last. This week we have had our fair share of rain and peering out the window now, I suspect that there will be more of it soon.

Muriwai beach this morning … sunny!

Lambing is underway at my neighbour Vicki’s property. It was a sad start to the week, when one of her sheep that had suffered from ‘sleepy sickness’ died after giving birth. The good news is that there is a wonderful little lamb complete with purple jacket that now requires feeding … and yes, we’re helping!

My poor brassicas were assaulted by the wind over the weekend – Sunday’s easterly gave them a bit of a battering. Each year I swear that I won’t plant all my seedlings at the same time and of course each year I do. So, we end up having brassicas for every dinner, … not that there is a problem with that mind you!

I wish I could be more organised and grab what I want for dinner during daylight hours. I was shocked at the amount of slugs and snails happily munching away on my greenery the other night when I raced out to grab some vege. Not really surprising though. This is the first year that I have been particularly remiss with my evening slug and snail patrols. I used to be so diligent, torch in one hand bucket of warm soapy water in the other deftly removing those slimy critters ……

The garlic is coming along nicely … I finally removed the bird netting today from the garden, it will be interesting to see if Gladys (escapee chook) realises that the bed is now available for scratching in. I hope not!

Made a super yummy soup the other night with lamb, garlic, onions, fresh herbs, celery and carrots. To serve the soup is drizzled with a puree of parsley, mint, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. Divine!  A wonderful combination of flavours. I think I will always get excited picking stuff from the garden for our meals … never ceases to amaze me how great home grown produce tastes.

Thanks Dallas … the brassicas and a cuppa!

So, it has been a busy last couple of days. Dallas our good buddy from Australia went home today (photographer extraordinaire … who gave me some lessons last week) so I guess the next job to do will be getting a plan or 2 together for the summer garden. Decide on what seeds to sow, or seedlings to buy and where to pop them. Just love being able to read my diary to determine what went where last year … and where not to plant it this year!

A Julie brag shot … I took this!

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