Today was absolutely stunning. It was so nice being able to get outside in the garden and do some work.

At long last the feijoas were pruned today with some help from the guys. The trees desperately needed ‘opening up’. Birds pollinate they trees so if you want fruit you need to ensure that the birds can get in and do their stuff.  I love pruning … scary really, I have to be careful as I tend to get over enthusiastic with the secateurs. The good news is that between trees the pruning saw and secateurs get dipped into a meths solution and then once pruned we slap on the pruning paste!

The feijoa trees … a much needed hair cut!

I’m a great believer in having flowers in my garden … love having them growing with my vege. They encourage beneficial insects and can also help to deter those that you don’t want. I’d ordered some seeds  and they arrived this week – so today I selected the various wild flower and single selection flower seeds I had bought. Using river sand to broadcast the seed, I cast the new arrivals in various flower gardens and spots that needed some life and colour.

Speaking of flowers a couple of our peach trees are laden with blossom …  lovely pink hue. A plum is also covered in white and I noticed today that black Doris is starting to bloom.

Well, my lovely brassicas are all but finished … but I’m leaving them in the ground for the insects .. as they adore the flowers.

Broccoli flowers ….

The interesting thing about this time of year are the pests. They are finally waking up after their winter snooze ..  I have seen the odd green shield beetle, paper wasps and house flies, plus I even spotted white butterflies the other day … fluttering about the vege garden. I wasn’t impressed. Yes they are slowly starting to appear. But the good guys are out too … bees, bumbles and those superb monarchs.

Borage … one of the bee’s favourites!

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