Before I launch into my latest garden update, I thought it only fair to say that Andrew is away on a surfing trip with the boys, and fair enough too!

Me? I’m home with the dog, chooks, sheep, cats and the garden and loving it!

The girls …
Dan … busting to get outdoors. Typical border collie!

Spring … fantastic time of year in the garden, just wish the weather was a bit more settled. Yesterday was windy, north east which can be very damaging. I poked my head beyond the hibiscus hedge and sure enough the wind was whipping up the valley assaulting the vege garden in its path. Damn! Yes we do get our fair share of winds in September, but in saying that today was divine and glancing out the window now – it is very still.

So what’s happening in my garden .. the spring flowers are out and looking gorgeous – their heads seem to nod as they follow the sun. Love it!  And of course now that the flowers are in abundance the garden is buzzing with those wonderful bees. Today they were out in numbers …

How good is this stuff? Daphne … amazing perfume!

… the wild turkeys can be seen on a neighbours hill in vast numbers too. It is always this time of year when they get together for what I call ‘turkey conventions’. Truth is it is breeding time.

And then of course there is my lovely boy – Russel Crow. Beautiful buff orpington rooster … and believe me he has been very active as of late he has to be, he has 15 girls to look after.

I pricked out more of my seedlings this week – the tomatoes (Cherokee and Tommy Toe) were carefully removed and put into pots. These lovely heritage plants will hopefully be ready to go into the garden October 28th. Labour weekend. Certainly hope so …

I have been really good too. I preserved a 2 litre jar of our lemons using a great recipe from Arabesque, a brilliant cook book by my good friend Greg Malouf. This recipe is seriously easy to do … using coriander seeds, bay leaf and cinnamon sticks and yes copious amounts of salt. Andrew does a ripper roast chook (no not one of ours ….) using preserved lemon – and yes, it is absolutely superb!

Just starting to rain … which isn’t surprising as it always rains when I spray my roses. Guaranteed to bring on the rain. Yes, more lavender water and seaweed fert for them.  I noticed today while spraying that the black spot is back again and quite possibly downey mildew. Both of these are fungal issues and can if left alone kill the plant, hence my organic spray regime which I do religiously.

Whilst intent on spraying today, a rather bright green leaf caught my attention. Yes, none other than, Wandering jew, one of my least favourite plants  … and while bending down to hoist it out – I was horrified to see that it was ‘flowering’!

Yes today was all about garden maintenance … and to finish the weekend I grabbed my 10 litre watering can and splashed about my homemade seaweed and fish fert brew. The lucky recipients of this foul smelly stuff were my gorgeous garlic plants.

Garlic …

Lastly … kumara. You might be wondering what is happening with it? Well it’s not doing well I’m afraid. My tray never really got hot … the horse pooh just didn’t do that job and even with the addition of blood and bone (high in nitrogen) it just couldn’t get the heat happening. Pooh! So yes I shall go and buy some kumara sprouts, which I will do so in the next few weeks. In fact, might even do a video of that. More on that later ….

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