Garden Update

Its that time of the year … spring!

On Monday at last the jalapeño seedling  came through. The chili always take the longest. The Thai chili still isn’t through yet and it is Sunday again. But there is movement n the zucchini pot. Eggplant … not a sign of it, but it is in the solanaceau family and they always take their time.

The cucumber ‘Marketmore’ was also up on Monday, and again nothing to be seen of the other two. But the Triamble is muscling its way through.

Tuesday … A visit to the cold compost this week and I discovered more Wandering Jew in another new spot. I can’t believe this bloody stuff. It is prolific … And absolutely determined to get into the forest. It is now in a bag behind our garage – good.

Wednesday was one of those days. I had an appointment or two in town so was racing about as I do. Enroute to feed the chooks I spotted movement in the trough. “Oh no!” A Plymouth barred rock had taken a dive! The worst thing with this sort of swimming is that they can’t get out … and they will either drown or die from hyperthermia.

So picking her out of the trough I raced back to the house to grab a towel. Rubbing her briskly and berating her for being a brat, I whizzed through and grabbed my hair drier. Believe it or not this is the best tool you can use. Not much response from her at this stage, her eyes were glued shut and her breathing was laboured.  Brrhhh …

I’m pretty good at the drier as I have had to do this before – under wings, tummy everywhere, bit like a rotisserie chook (sorry).  In the end I had her propped up in the foyer on Andrew’s runners with the drier blowing warm air under her. Worked a treat. After an hour and some, she was back outdoors eating her breakfast. When I got home that night she was lying an egg in appreciation. Wonderful!

Now it’s Sunday and I’m getting ready to go and pick Andrew up from the airport … I haven’t done much gardening today, but have quite a bit planned for later in the week.

Plums and peach in blossom …

Time to throw about some rok solid in the orchard and put down some mulch. Also it is time to haul out one of the raised beds and put in some kumara sprouts, probably not a bad time to get the greenery out of another bed and get it ready for planting in the next few weeks. Love this time of year …

Comfrey in all its splendour!

I thought I’d add a few pics of the orchard in blossom and the wonderful comfrey which I have at the base of many of the trees. This fantastic plant has an amazing root system which can extend down many feet into the sub soil mining a host of nutrients from the soil. It has many uses … makes a super fertiliser ‘tea’ (not drinkable trust me), it is a compost activator as it is high in nitrogen, also good as a barrier against kikuyu and yes, great to put in the bed with your spuds as when it breaks down it feeds your potatoes with potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.

Earth brick excavation – Muriwai

Lastly, I mentioned in a previous post that we have Waitakeri clay on our property … the pic below gives you an idea of the clay in the area. This is a earth brick excavation about 3km from where we live. Interesting ha? Love those sheep dotted on top of the hill.

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