Weeds? It really depends …

Saturday 7th and it is nearly 8.00pm And it is blowing a gale. The wind is whistling (howling actually) and it is raining and cold! I don’t know how many times I hung out the washing today only to have to race outdoors to haul it again. I eventually got the message and gave up.

Have just popped dinner in the oven- lamb with a superb marinade and Greek vegetables. Yum, I’m looking forward to that.

Perfect time to jot down some stuff from the week.

Big day gardening today … Hana and Vaclav dug out some agapanthus from our front flower garden. They are in the lily family and originally from South Africa (a long way from home). Aggies are superb in summer with long stems and clusters of white or dark blue flowers ..  They make a great filler but they do have quite an invasive root system called a rhizome ..  and given it spreads easily is probably why it has been listed as a weed. It was getting rather ‘pushy’ in our flower bed, so it has been thinned out. I will broadcast about some wild flowers tomorrow which always look beautiful.

The spuds have busted through the soil and are skyward bound, time to tuck them in with some azolla.

Some nasty little critter has munched into one of my zinnia seedlings which I’m not very happy about. Really annoying as the seedlings haven’t even made it to the garden yet. I have been moving them out into the sunshine when we have it and moving into the lean to at night …

Sunday … A great day’s work. We have a Phoenix palm which got a massive hair cut yesterday. Andrew had the chain saw out and removed quite a few fronds. A friend of mine who is a professional gardener thinks I’m mad having it in the garden and I suspect that she is right. But it is so sizeable now that I think it may be here to stay. This stuff when aged and dry makes the best mulch when chipped, so it has been put in a pile near the forest. Should be good in about 6 mths time, fingers crossed!

Love this vege garden. Poplars are just starting to get their leaves…

I tucked in more azolla today around my spuds. As they grow I will start covering some of the greenery with more soil, this will help to reduce weeds and protect the spuds growing below from sunlight.

So, with help from our wonderful Czech friends, the three of us hauled out raised bed one today. This bed had the remnants from winter .. a few spent brassica plants, beetroot, lettuce and calendula, alyssum and nasturtium. A portion of this bed has been left for herbs  …which will be very interesting as kumara when it grows is incredibly invasive …it literally takes off!

I have mentioned before that kumara is in the Convolvulaceae family the very same family as Morning glory! Yes another noxious weed, and trust me, even though it has a lovely flower, you don’t want it in your garden, it is a ‘choker’. Kumara has a similar leaf so it is easy to see they are related.

So when the bed was clear, in went the remainder of the azolla, about 6 bags of coffee grounds and compost rich in animal manure. I have read that coffee grounds are good as a slow release fertiliser, plus they also help to ‘warm’ up the  environ and of course add organic matter. I have been using them in my beds for ages … So I’m not overly concerned that they may well be slightly acidic. Perhaps this is less of a worry in a raised bed.

Onto this bed I threw handfuls of Rok solid. Now all I need to do is plant the kumara.

Lastly … I sprayed my citrus today with lavender water, seaweed brew and some neem oil. I have fungal and insect problems with this tree which is a shame as it fruits prolifically … it needs lots of TLC Julie!

Bugs … ah yes, squashed a few green shield beetles today, very happy about that!


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