One of those weeks!

Evidence of being a pratt!

I have decided that at times I am a complete pratt! I transplanted from my tomato bed, self seeded pumpkins. Not a problem except I dug them out in the middle of the day? Imagine being hoisted from the ground, shoved into a pot and left in sun? Honestly … the good news is that I have saved them all! It is called lots and lots of TLC and water!

Our first spud was removed from the dirt last week on the small side but I remember thinking at the time that it was rather ‘tasty looking’. It was, I ate it last night! Sweet and delicious with the roast chicken (no not ours) and preserved lemon. If you don’t have a good recipe for the latter, please let me know I have a beaut courtesy of Greg Malouf.

I have decided that I am not going to talk about my roses this week … no no no, not going to mention the vinegar that they were sprayed with (in dilution of course), nor the buckets of comfrey tea which I splashed about at their feet over the weekend. Do some of them still have rust? What do you reckon?

My tomatoes are looking gorge, even showing flowers now. I removed laterals the other day which should be done on ideally a sunny day with a breeze – this is done to avoid where possible fungal probs. They are all staked now, looking very smart indeed.

Tomato garden with straw mulch…

Gosh it really has been a week of self seeded stuff, I dug out some kumara from one of the raised beds where it was growing last summer, and then poked them into the my new kumara bed. And no, I waited till late afternoon, smart me!

I must take a pic of my nettle … which we all know shouldn’t be touched with bare skin. There are tiny hairs that contain a poison and if brushed against will give the recipient a nice sting. But if you are quick and have ‘dock’ in the area then grab a couple of leaves from this plant, crush them and then rub the fluids over the affected area! Instant relief …

My nettle hasn’t got me yet and hopefully it will stay that way. If you didn’t know, nettle is a compost activator being high in nitrogen and is quite literally a powerhouse of nutrients. Try some in a tea … but make sure you infuse it for 10 minutes, it apparently has medicinal benefits that maybe able to help with arthritis, hayfever and general pain relief.

So what did we do this weekend? Well Sunday was an amazing day … I was ferreting around poking plants in the soil, throwing fertiliser tea about, mulching my vege gardens with straw (I do this and stand back proudly …) while Andrew was busy with the wood chipper again. Yes what a guy! He mulched at least 30 huge fronds from our phoenix palm which had been left to ‘dry’ out.  It just so happens that the phoenix palm in NZ is regarded as a pest plant, and fair enough too, apparently they encourage rats, are a prolific seeder with the nastiest spikes located on the end of each frond. Trust me you don’t want to get jabbed – it is incredibly painful. So all in all you don’t really want them about … but they make the best mulch ever! Pics next week I promise …

Hours later after some solid teamwork – me dragging the fronds across to Andrew where he would then stuff them into the machine. The chipper bag only holds about 4 fronds which of course means you need to turn off the chipper to empty the bag, then dump the contents of the bag in the tray of ATV. Next put bag back onto shoot on the chipper and attempt to restart by pulling cord. Hmmm … have you got the idea?

So yours truly with a tray full of mulch would then drive it to various locations and ‘drop it off’. Namely vege garden, driveway under shrubs and yes, a storage area for use in my gardens later. Excited you bet!

Johnny jump up …

Yes an interesting week … love that garden!

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