Summer …

Nasturtium … a must in any vege garden ..

Another week has zipped past .. it is Sunday and it has been just divine. Beautiful day .. super sunny and very warm. Sunburn weather! So nice to have some beaut weather as lately it has been terrible. We had torrential rain last week, the likes of which I haven’t seen here before. You have to be positive though … we need the water! The ground certainly does, and thanks to the 2 days of fairly solid rain our water tank is well and truly full.

My garden is looking superb! So beautiful … the zinnias are now flowering as are the dwarf sunflowers – named Teddy Bear.

Meet Mr Teddy Bear! Gorgeous .. dwarf sunflower

The cucumbers have tiny little ‘cucs’ growing while the zucchinis are well and truly into production, lettuces for Africa and our dwarf beans are flowering too!

The salad garden …

Kumara is creeping merrily along the ground while the garlic is finally starting to form nicely. Ever hopeful that I will haul it out this side of Christmas. The spring onions are doing their stuff and I’m hauling out leeks on a regular basis. Yum.

Garlic bulbil … busting out.

We have 4 clucky chooks too, which makes feed time tedious. Only as they need to be removed from their nests so they can grab some tucker, water and have a dust bath …
And yes the odd bad chook has been escaping ..

All is good at Frog Pond Farm ..  the orchard is coming along nicely, even though winds over the past few weeks have given it a bit of a whipping! With this in mind, it is so important when accessing sites for your proposed orchard or garden or even your chooks … that you stand back and consider the following:

  • Garden / orchard position. Does it get sun all day? What about shade? Try and put your gardens in the ‘right’ spot, so that they can get as much sun as possible.
  • Shelter … plants and even many trees don’t like being in windy conditions. Make sure that your garden is not in the way of the prevailing wind (hmmmm) or if it is, endeavour to provide as much shelter as possible.
  • Drainage … if your garden or site for your garden is particularly damp or the drainage is poor, consider going up, put in some raised beds. If it is an orchard site, there are varieties of fruit that don’t mind damp/wettish feet, pear and quince in particular so plant them in these spots.
  • Screening … there may also be neighbours or something that you want screened – consider this and plant trees accordingly.

There are a host of considerations, power lines, underground cables, water supply, compost positioning …. the list really is endless. But most importantly make sure that your vege gardens aren’t too far from your back door. The further away they are, the less you will visit them. True story!

Chooks … well again, if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have put chook towers where it is. I would have put it where my vege gardens are! It’s funny though … you can always make do, and even though our vege gardens are through the hedge and perched on a hill, they get all day sun! Gotta love it …

Happy gardening!

Self seeded poppy looking absolutely splendid in the garden amongst the other madness
One very happy bumble bee …

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  1. Hey Emma … gosh I wish I could be helpful, but I'm a complete novice with fountains and water features. Would love to have a pond close to the house …Other than trees and their roots … shade and sun are fairly important based on the plants that you want to grow.Goes without saying make sure you know where septic runoff and underground cables are and avoid them.Would love to see some pics when finished!Best of luckJulie

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