Pests and the good guys …

I was out in the garden the other day and I was surprised (not really …) to see a host of nasties feasting on my plants, namely my roses!

Aphids and a green plant hopper, loads of passionfruit hopper nymphs and a 2 spined spider (Australian import) who was merrily munching away on a moth until I came along, bumped the leaf and she dropped it. These lovely spiders apparently assemble a web at night and then disassemble it in the morning. Wow, that is diligence for you!

Pests and the good guys ...

Passion hopper nymphs
Aphids …

Green plant hopper

I saw a katydid also hanging about on the roses. These look like massive grass hoppers on steroids and and believe me, they can make a real mess of your greenery too. Ah, my poor roses, as if rust and black spot aren’t enough! I would have loved to have got a pic of this bug but it was off in a hurry …

The green shield beetles have also been meeting in my front flower bed .. mating actually, which means I can dispose of 2 of them each time. These bugs really annoy me … they have a passion for my beans and tomatoes in particular leaving the latter covered in nasty white blemishes.

They are also known as ‘stink bugs’, which is very true if you happen to squash one (or lots in my case). I have heard that this smell is meant to deter other green shields … does it work? I have my doubts! The interesting thing with these little critters is that they have what is called an ‘incomplete metamorphosis’ that means when they are young they resemble the adult form. So there we go …

2 spined spider … a female

I remember Andrew saying to me a few years back that I should consider sharing some of my veggies with the host of bug, moths and white butterflies that also enjoy them … yep, that’s absolutely fine to a degree. But after growing many of these from seed, watering and feeding them, giving them loads of TLC – the last thing I really want to do is have to share them with bugs! Or chickens come to think of it.

One more post to go before Christmas!

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