New look …

So what do you think of the new look blog? Decided it was time for a change.  I’m very happy with the new layout and still giving it a ‘wee’ tweak from time to time so bear with me won’t you?

Back to my garden …

Wow are we having a summer! It is hot and dry and hasn’t rained seriously in ages. We are forecast some rain on Wednesday but at this stage it only looks like showers, and believe me we need more than that! Hate to grumble but the property is really dry. Our poplars must be really stressed as some of them have started to drop their leaves, something I haven’t seen them do before at this time of year! Rain dance time …

I splashed about a mix of my comfrey tea and my homemade fish and seaweed brew on Saturday … my garden loves it. As always I end up wearing the stuff and believe me it really smells. Oddly enough I don’t mind the smell at all .. Couldn’t help but notice that there are now lots of those green shield beetles about. They have found the dwarf beans, spinach and of course the tomatoes which they love … Even found them sun baking on the calendula flowers. Shameful! The passionvine hoppers are also about in numbers too .. They are sap sucking insects that can encourage the growth of sooty mould … and if they are about in numbers plants may also lose vigour. Seems they particularly enjoy feeding on cabbage trees and flax and we have plenty of those!  Oh well all is not bad, I spotted quite a few ladybirds about and that certainly is a bonus!

My chilli and capsicum are coming along slowly … planted too late I suspect. But in saying that the weather is hot and lots of sun …

The orchard is looking good … we finally netted two of the peach trees, I got rather sick of sharing the fruit with the possums and birds. There won’t be the yield that we got last year .. could be because of the spring winds.

Cover for those peaches ..

Cover for those peaches ..

Close up ...

Close up …

Riki came and checked on the bees the other day … no bee suit and wearing shorts. I’m not recommending that by the way, but this appears to be his way of beekeeping …. And after a few puffs from his smoker which is meant to ‘calm’ the bees and get them eating honey in anticipation of leaving the hive, the four of us were standing within a few feet of those busy creatures. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful they are … so productive. Riki placed another box on as the existing were full of honey. By the way, nothing beats this sweet stuff straight from the hive. Yum!

So tasty ...

So tasty …

Bumper crop ... 151 bulbs here

Bumper crop … 151 bulbs here

Oh a bit of bragging is in order. I removed the garlic hanging from the garage and gave it a haircut top and bottom so the bulbs can be stored. In total over 170 … some will be stashed away for the next planting, the rest will end up in pasta, roasts and sauces. Love the stuff!

Working very hard ... who is a slave driver me?

Working very hard … who is a slave driver me?

We are eating cucumbers, zucchini, beans, beetroot, spring onions and I have even eaten one of my Tommy Toe tomatoes … yum! Loving that garden …

2 thoughts

  1. Love the new look Jules! Have added to my favourites. Those shield beetles are taking over my beans, zucchini and tomatoes too. Would love to grow some garlic like yours. Love the pic of Andrew…it must be exhausting driving that thing!

    • Hey Trina … thanks Miss. Glad you like the ‘new look’. Gotta love WordPress .. Yep, those green shield fiends are into everything especially the beans and toms. Yet to find an ‘organic’ way to get rid of them other than my fingers! Great pic of AB .. hard at it!

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