A very busy time

How good is this .. love that fresh garden produce. Yes a brag pic!

How good is this .. love that fresh garden produce. Yes a brag pic!

Yes another post .. and so soon too! I had such a busy weekend thought it best to split my activity. So here goes

At last, I have done my garden plan for winter and given that some plants take up to 6 weeks before they are ready to go out into the ‘big wide world’ it was time to sow some seeds.

So into my seed raising mix I poked the following seeds

Broccoli early purple sprouting, Broccoli de Ciccio, Cabbage Verona purple, Cauli Macerata, Johnny Jump up, Celery Elne, Great Lakes lettuce, Egyptian and Cylindra beetroot, Dwarf calendulas, Pak Choy, Dill, Coriander, Giant Spinach

I thought rather than step you through the entire process again, that if you are interested in how best to ‘sow your seeds’ then check out one of my previous posts last September … Get those seeds sown. ‘ Simple steps to follow.

As it is still amazingly hot, I won’t be using the heat pad but instead will leave the seed tray in a warm environ with lots of sunlight and remember to water it daily.

Very practical container ... don't forget to 'name' those rows of seeds

Very practical container … don’t forget to ‘name’ those rows of seeds

The Winter planting plan

So here we go … this is an outline of what will go where in my winter garden. Given my summer garden is still growing merrily it always seems strange to consider what’s next. But believe me you need to be on the ball and get that plan done.

I am a firm believer in rotating crops too … this is so important for a host of reasons. If you keep crops in the same environment year after year then you are more likely to suffer with pests, disease and fungal problems. Plus, some plants are larger feeders than others so while I always replenish my beds with lots of organic material and compost …I think it is important to keep moving those particularly ‘hungry’ plants about. A bit of housekeeping!

RB1 – Herbs this bed already has a selection of herbs which I will leave pineapple sage, oregano, geranium and tarragon .. with rosemary and lavender down the other end of the bed. Garlic will be planted in the remaining half of the bed probably in May / June.

RB2 – This bed will become my brassica bed. But I will do it in two plantings. The first will be late March (they take about 6 weeks from seed to planting). The rest of this bed which is currently chilli, celery, parsley, salvia and self seeded stuff will be hoisted out in April and get ready for the next brassica planting.

RB3 – This bed will be salad stuff, celery, spinach, carrots, spring onion, beetroot whatever handles the winter.

RB4 – Garlic heirloom May / June planting.

RB5a – Red onions 180 – 240 day harvest. These can be planted April / May which will allow the chilli currently enjoying the suns rays in this space to hopefully ripen, fingers crossed.

RB6 – The beans will be removed in April and peas planted next to the existing trellis. Brassicas will also go into this bed once the cucumber and eggplant is hauled out… again sometime late April. So that’s the plan … I shall plant progressively starting the end of March ..

Wish me luck!

PS My hot compost is coming along nicely thanks.

A bag of wonderful damson plums ... should have been in my last post.

A bag of wonderful damson plums … should have been in my last post.

4 thoughts

  1. So very proud of your achievements.I am still overwelmed with what you are now doing.
    Always surrounded in beauty. Love Vivian xxx

  2. Hey Jul love your Blog, your lovely land and gardens, always so full of richness,every day something wonderful always happens in the garden…. or is ready to harvest or is in bud or bursting into flower and all your fine produce,and seeds all from your great input day in and day out… you are an inspiration my friend…………..Vickxx

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