Kumeu AMP Show

Now this is what you call a 'pumpkin'

Now this is what you call a ‘pumpkin’

Don’t know about you, but I love AMP shows. Our local  Kumeu show each year is fab. Lots of wonderful animals and chooks, farm machinery and toys to buy for the property … bloke things. Sheep shearing, wood chopping and produce competitions – wonderful stuff. Oh and the opportunity to buy more daffodil bulbs which I do each year. Heaven only knows how I will get them in the ground though, as it is literally ‘rock hard’. Think it might be a May activity!

Very proud owners ...

Very proud owners …

So, the farmers and lifestyle block owners take their prize stock to the show and parade these gorgeous looking beasts about. Others are left in pens or similar looking splendid being the best of their specific breeds, with their owners ever hopeful that ‘they’ will be awarded with the red ribbon or card stamped with ‘first’.

Australorp rooster ... handsome chap

Australorp rooster … handsome chap

Chooks and roosters, ducks with tassels and ducklings for sale. Not as many on display as previous years and only one Kune pig with her bunch of rather hungry piglets. She was surrounded by kids, cameras and me or course. Do I want a pig? You bet!

Lunch time for the team ..

Lunch time for the team ..

Yes it is a great event, with vege & fruit competitions, cake displays and who can grow the best dahlia.

I enjoyed a beaut coffee, thought about eating a bucket of chips but didn’t (yay) but did share a whitebait fritter with hubby, and it was damned fine too!

A day for the family, with the usual carnival rides … horse events and the most amazing weather!

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  1. Aaaaah, the Kumeu show – have fond memories of taking the kids there when we lived down the road. When are you entering some of your fine produce? There’s gold right there 🙂

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