Quick get those beds ready …

Garden madness .. the garlic will be going in this bed soon!

Garden madness ..

It seems as though I haven’t posted in ages ah, but Melbourne was great, I have a good excuse.

Sunday night and I’m busy tapping the keys on the laptop in the kitchen. Trust me it isn’t quiet in here though, Andrew has his radio blaring away.  The good news is that the article he is listening to is very interesting. Seems people used to eat Dahlias  … heaven forbid, I can’t imagine hauling those wonderful plants out of the garden to chomp on their tubers – but apparently that is exactly what people used to do. Menu for this evening – mashed dahlias, caramelised onions and sausages, just doesn’t do it for me. You?

Back to my garden … always plenty to do no matter what. And I’m still in the throes of hauling out spent vege, weeds and flower plants way past their best. Ah, but I do save the seed you better believe it ..

This was removed to make room for those lucky brassicas

This was removed to make room for those lucky brassicas

I had more brassicas – cabbage, broccoli and cauli which needed planting. These lovely seedlings got poked into RB2 but not before the bed was prepped for their arrival. Lovely homemade compost (the hot stuff I made a few months back), coffee grounds (not too much mind you) rok solid fert and seaweed which we grabbed from the beach this morning, chopped up of course.  Plus I planted  some ‘bok choy’ seedlings as fillers and a couple of pansies for winter colour. Did I over plant? Of course.

Once in the dirt, I erected another cloche to keep the inhabitants safe from those white pesky butterflies, pegged the frost cloth to the curtain wire which I had threaded through the rings at the base of the hoops and hey presto … time to stand back and admire my handiwork! Well not quite … gloat is more like it. And to finish off, liberal splashings of seaweed home brew over the seedlings. Time to ‘get growing’.

Peas seedlings ... looking good

Peas seedlings … looking good

My peas are up and heading skyward … lovely little seedlings which also had a liberal dousing of my smelly homemade stuff. I also checked on those brassicas growing in the other cloche – squashed a couple of caterpillars (no idea how these little suckers got in there) and then clipped the netting back.

I get such satisfaction from my garden. I even enjoy turning cold composts … huge piles of organic matter that is slowly starting to breakdown. And just because I can, I started another hot compost today, complete with grass clippings to get that heat happening. Must whiz out and buy some blood and bone though as this will certainly ‘turn’ up the heat.

Habanerno chili .. tasty

Habanerno chili .. speaking of turning up the heat

Rain! We may have had one of the driest summers ever, but Auckland is making up for it. Yay!

So, I’m sipping on a glass of Toi Toi, very happy knowing that I have had a beaut weekend in my garden and next weekend? Well I’m going to get a bed or two ready for my garlic plantings. Am I happy? Absolutely …

Loving that garden!

A good mother spider - not sure of the variety

Wonderful Mum … doing her thing in my rocket. Yes she is biggish!

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