Winter garden update at last

How gorgeous do these pokers look? Snapped at my  neighbour's place ...

How gorgeous do these pokers look? Snapped at my neighbour’s place …

OK … I have been particularly bad and not posted for a couple of weeks. Very poor indeed. I can’t even blame it on the winter blues either. Ah, but the truth is I did go to Aussie for a week to see friends and get some much needed R&R.

Proof that I was in Australia ... mightn't be the best pic, but it is a Wallaby!

Proof that I was in Australia … mightn’t be the best pic, but it is a Wallaby!

So what is happening in my garden? Lots surprisingly even though it is winter, it must be something to do with the copious amounts of water falling from the sky and the mild days, although I believe that we are in for a cold snap soon.

Garlic … oh I’m so proud. The majority of the cloves I planted have sprouted or are in the throes of doing so. Most of them are showing healthy green stems which are heading skywards, probably something to do with the seaweed brew I threw around before I went away. Next task here will be some mulch as garlic aren’t big on weeds.

The Egyptian walking onions are sprouting too which given they haven’t been in the ground very long is amazing. I’m really looking forward to hoisting them from the soil later in the year.

My peas are flowering .. watch out for the nasturtium

My peas are flowering .. watch out for the nasturtium

The peas are flowering at last with the odd pod developing. For once I didn’t over plant, in fact if anything I went the other way – most unlike me. I’ve been diligently hoisting out nasturtium from this bed as it is endeavouring to swamp my poor peas and anything else in its path. I just love this plant for a host of reasons – but when it gets going it can be a real choker.

The brassicas here are starting to look great with the sprouting broccoli doing its thing and at last a Macerata cauli is showing a pale green head.

My first Macerata cauli ... very special, very tasty

My first Macerata cauli … very special, very tasty

Looking out the window now which is on the second floor of our garage, I can see my bana grass swaying in the breeze. This plant again can get out of control easily too, probably why in some countries it is regarded as a weed. I still wonder why we planted it where we did, as it clumps much the way bamboo does, which I guess is one of the reasons it grows as well as it does. Yes, time for a haircut.

We have two hands of bananas that also need to be cut down and moved indoors, with one already hanging in our utility room. This space gets loads of sun when it is about, so it is nice at last to see those green fingers starting to slowly colour up.

I have decided that I’m going to buy a cold-press juicer this week, which I’m very excited about, another splendid way to consume all that yummy vege that we grow. I have my eye on those yacon tubers which are looking very edible. They are sweet but unlike fruit are very low in calories .. so instead of the usual apple to sweeten the drink, I think I’ll feed that to my chooks and use the yacon instead. Good idea?

Chooks … the girls are good thanks. The two lavender Sussex have started laying at last – having to buy eggs just didn’t feel right. Very proud of the youngsters – and I’m pleased that eggs are finally off our shopping list.

Much to do over the next month. Give my roses a prune (I’m a wee bit late), tidy up my poor grape vine and plant another couple and did I say weed? You bet .. .all the time! Our neighbours chopped down some pine trees the other day and camera in hand I just couldn’t help myself! Lots of firewood even it is pine!

Massive pine trees - loads of firewood

Massive pine trees – loads of firewood

Happy gardening …

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