Winter magic

The weather was superb last weekend. Blue skies, cloud puffs and very mild, perfect gardening weather and for walks on the local beach.

Enjoying the winter sun at Muriwai beach

Had a good buddy staying with us and she took this pic yesterday of Andrew, moi and our pooch Dan at Muriwai beach. Gorgeous day.

Did my obligatory weeding, hauling out milkweed and speedwell from the garlic beds. I was hoping to fertilise the latter but ran out of time, so I shall do that during the week.

I have noticed some yellow leaves on some of our citrus trees, which could indicate a nitrogen or magnesium deficiency, so more fertilising is in store for them.

Andrew was a star and used our ATV to grab some horse pooh from our neighbour’s property. The good thing about this stuff is the worms just adore it, so as it composts down it literally starts to crawl with life!

At last, those peas are starting to look good.

At last, those peas are starting to look good.

My peas are starting to form nicely with the pods starting to ‘chunk out’, with a bit of luck I shall be picking them soon.

Our chooks enjoying a broccoli

Our chooks enjoying a broccoli plant

And as I couldn’t stand staring at it any longer, I removed one of those brassica plants that my sheep were caught snacking on the other day and threw it over the fence for the chooks to peck at. Were they happy? You bet!

Potted spring onions ... and a sneaky nasturtium

Potted spring onions … and a sneaky nasturtium

We are still munching on our spring onions. They have developed solid green stems that are full of flavour and go nicely in salads and Asian tucker. The habanero is still growing, or should I say the chillies are colouring up, which is surprising given that it is winter.

Pretty indeed

Pretty indeed

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of our magnolia tree, which is in a garden that borders our house. I’m not sure of the variety, but it always looks pretty when it flowers.

Love that garden … have fun in yours!

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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and have read every article already (it’s a slow day at work!). About 6 weeks ago we moved into our new home which has 3 huge raised gardens so I’m busy learning how to fill them with edible goodies. I’ve learnt so much from your writing, can’t wait for the next instalment already!

    • Hi Shay … gosh I appear to have a very red face! So pleased that you enjoy my blog – I am a mad keen gardener, but I bet you have guessed that already. That’s a bonus having 3 huge raised gardens. Would love to know what you plant in them. 🙂

  2. Love magnolia trees – am imagining the large old tree at my mum’s looking fantastic right now! Miss no defined “season’s” here. How wonderful to get such great produce from your garden!!

  3. Hi Julie, I think your magnolia is a star magnolia, or magnolia stellata. My mum has a pink one and a white one, they cover hemselves in bloom.

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