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Bees love purple ... the garden was buzzing yesterday.

Bees love purple … the garden was buzzing yesterday.

Sunday was gorgeous … thanks Auckland, perfect for pruning those olives. At last, half of them have been given a haircut. Andrew had his pole chain saw and I had my favourite ratchet secateurs. How exciting, I love pruning! Methylated spirits to clean the equipment between trees, some pruning paste for large branch removals – not much of that mind you, sun and a light breeze – what more could you want. Plus we have put the trimmings in a heap so we can mulch them next weekend. Good job!

Proof! The Bonner's were busy ...

Proof! The Bonner’s were busy …

Olive trees given a long overdue haircut.

Olive trees given a long overdue haircut.

Saturday was a tad overcast, but I got loads done in the garden. At last the red onions have been mulched. Time to protect the soil during winter and hopefully keep those weeds down, plus the mulch was full of worms. Double bonus.

Andrew put my 100 litre sprayer in the back of the ATV, hooked it up to the battery and tied the unit in. 40 litres of water and 400 mls of Agrisea seaweed fertiliser. The plants love it … they stand to attention as this stuff is liberally sprayed over their foliage. The garlic, onions, brassicas, peas, beetroot, lettuce and herbs were the lucky recipients. Wonderful! Plus the citrus, 5 olive trees along the drive and the roses were sprayed.

Mentioning the latter I noticed that the rust is back on one of my bushes again. This rose cops it summer or winter … bizarre.

As we are organic and I’m not keen on using copper,  I made up an organic spray yesterday 1 tsp baking soda, 50 ml of lavender water and 20 ml of seaweed fertiliser in 2 litres of water. I’ve tried a similar brew before, with not too much success, so I shan’t hold my breath but will cross my fingers.

Lovely rose .. no idea of the variety

Lovely rose .. no idea of the variety

Yes, I have been busy weeding too and while diligently hoisting out wandering buttercup from one of our flower beds, out jumped a rather large bright green frog. Did I scream? Absolutely I’m a blouse. I whizzed indoors for the camera, but he had long gone.

Gorgeous wood pigeon caught mid flight. Stunning

Gorgeous wood pigeon caught mid flight. Stunning

Loving our juicer too. This week it has been …

Parsley, beetroot, yacon, apple, carrot, celery and ginger! Yummy

Well that’s it for me for another week. Happy gardening!

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  1. Incredible photo of the wood pigeon! They have an unmistakable sound when flying; I sat and listened to some with my friend on her farm….very relaxing! I’m going to have to get my juicer out with all the tempting juice recipes you’re blogging about! Yum!

    • Hey Sarah … thanks. He was busy eating our Norfolk Hibiscus hedge! I love listening to them fly .. such an incredible sound. Yep, get that juicer out – I’m going to try something with mint in for breakfast!

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