Bacon and eggs

Eggs and bacon


I am feeling incredibly guilty posting a pic of fried bacon and eggs.  I didn’t cook them though and I did ask Mr B for poached eggs, he just opted to (gulp) fry them. The good news is fried or not they tasted amazing with tapenade spread liberally over the whole grain toast and a good drizzling of homemade chilli sauce.

Now this is what you call an EGG

Now this is what you call an EGG

This fine specimen which by the way was ginormous just so happened to be a double yolker too.

Wonderful double yolkier

Wonderful double yolker

Must say I felt rather sorry for the chook that had the joy of laying it.  And speaking of those lovely feathered friends of mine, we are getting at least 3 – 4 eggs daily, which is something to do with spring fast approaching and the daylight hours lengthening. Yay!

I have to rave again about my juicer which I just love. I made the best juice ever this morning  …  brassica, beetroot leaves and parsley straight from the garden, with carrot, celery, apple, ginger, tomato, lemon grass and to finish grapefruit juice. Did it taste good? You bet, it was fantastic!
Get that vege ready for juicing

Get that vege ready for juicing



July and the start of August were fabulous … just dreamy weather. I even found myself watering some of the pots, which believe me in winter is a rarity. Saturday was the first day in ages that was overcast with drizzle. Perfect day to do some ‘spring cleaning’. Did I? Absolutely.
Ah time to pat myself on the back again, earlier in the week with my trusty secateurs in hand I was down in the orchard snipping away at the crabapple, which by the way was heading for the stars. The quince also was given a much needed haircut as it had some crossed branches and was also showing some cicada damage.  I finished up the day pruning my graft pear. So only a couple more in the orchard to do and then the rest of the olives (great!).

Mid week I splashed seaweed fertiliser over my vege garden, which by the way is looking great. Lots of peas, good growth on the garlic and onions and we’re still eating broccoli (juicing the leaves now too!). I planted more spring onions in a pot this week which just so happens to be near the back door.

At last, I have been particularly good and gone through my seed store removing seed that is well and truly past its best. These will end up in the compost and who knows … I suspect some of them will no doubt germinate. I do need to buy some wild flower seed and will also poke my nose into Kings catalogue to see what interesting heirloom vege they have on hand.

I’m still gloating that my planting plan is done and dusted .. and with a bit of luck by the end of the month I’ll start sowing some seeds in trays.

Happy gardening ..

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  1. I can just picture you in the garden this week. Looking forward to hear what you do with the quince….how do cicada’s damage them?

    • Hey Lizzie .. Good to hear from you! And yes that garden has been super special this week. The female cicada lays her eggs deep within twigs and small branches, which as the tree grows can make it weaker in this area, especially when laden with fruit. Will post a pic of the damage .. Forgot to do it this week ..whoops! 🙂

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