Spring has sprung

Oh boy, I’m cheating with my blog this week, but you will get the general idea.

Please tell me these are ranunculus? So very pretty

Please tell me these are ranunculus? So very pretty

Spring – wonderful weather what more could you want? Lots actually! Like …

  • Someone to do something about the wild turkeys which are having conferences each and everyday and discussing important issues such as ‘turkey reproduction’ (great!)
  • Stop the slugs from munching on my lovely Wild Flower seedlings which are up
  • Cut down the ‘triffid’ plants from the bank (no idea what they are but I hate them!)
  • Remove the ‘potato’ plant that lives next to the triffids
  • Hoist out the kikuyu that is growing like crazy around the fruit trees, anyone would think we are having warm weather
  • Trim all the pittosporum that has grown leggy and horrible along the shelter belt next to the house (how attractive)
  • Kill the rat that is hiding in my potting shed which loves scrabbling about and scaring the ‘blazes’ out of me
  • Remove all the ‘wandering jew’ from the cold compost area, I’m sick of spending my weekends on ‘hands and knees’ ripping it out
  • Stop the ivy from climbing up the side of the house
  • Dig out the rose bush that always gets rust and black spot no matter what I do
  • Mulch all the trees in the orchard – AFTER the kikuyu has been ripped out
  • Cut down at least half of the pines in the chook paddock and remove all the rubbish that will be left from this ‘major’ exercise
  • Remove the scraggy olive trees from along the drive and don’t replant them
  • Grab Edith (chook) and clip her wing, she is getting out ALL the time and sneaking around the vege garden
  • Put the sheep on diets
  • Destroy all the wandering buttercup which is everywhere,  I really hate it!
  • Green shield beetles are lurking in the garden – get all of them quickly they are reproducing

Wow, I had no idea there were so many things on my FIX list!

Up and at 'em. Spud action

Up and at ’em. Spud action

Garden madness. That garlic is standing to attention

Garden madness. That garlic is standing to attention

Wonderful insectary flowers. Geranium, echium and forget-me-not

Wonderful insectary flowers. Geranium, echium and forget-me-not

What have we been doing and what’s happening in the garden?

  • We fertilised the orchard with Rok Dust again last weekend and used about 40kg of it. Well done team Bonner!
  • I sprayed all my vege garden with seaweed fert
  • I’m giving all my vege seedlings lots of TLC
  • Weeding the garlic and onions which are looking fabulous!
  • Juicing everything in my path (well nearly) – some of my concoctions are truly horrible, I have to ‘fess up
  • Spuds are sprouting in the box
  • The plastic milk bottle was removed from the pear tree yesterday. The branch has repositioned as planned
  • I need to stop thinking about setting up the codling trap and actually go and do it
  • The roses need to be sprayed again with seaweed brew and lavender water
  • Andrew has left me with a nice pile of Azolla which needs to be spread around the garlic
  • Think about removing a couple of beds in the next month for replanting – big job!
  • Spend more time smelling the roses and less time spraying them
  • Last but not least, Andrew forgot to cut down the banana hand! Does it matter? Not at all

Right, that’s it. Will leave the pics to tell the rest of the story!

Beautiful and so delicate - quince blossom

Beautiful and so delicate – quince blossom

Loving those Luisa plum trees - see the codling moth trap on the ground!

Loving those Luisa plum trees – see the codling moth trap on the ground!

Luisa blossom

Luisa blossom

Happy gardening!!

8 thoughts

  1. Hi Jules,

    I love all of your Frog Pond emails…………….I particularly loved your commentary………….. wonderful weather what more could you want? Lots actually! Like …well done.

  2. I think the flowers in your first pic are anemones not ranunculus but I am no expert! Was v interested to read about Lavender water for roses. I have planted a few new ones and want to show them some TLC! Also, we’ve just ripped out a very scraggly old shelter belt and are looking to re plant with pittosporum….would you recommend?? Lovely post Miss J as always 🙂

  3. Hey Sarah … oh they just might be anemones. I’ll Google it! LOL Lavender has antiseptic and anti fungal properties. A good buddy of mine who grows it commercially swears by it as a spray on her roses. I have used it for the last few years and alternated it with garlic and water also. Changing the pH on the leaves is also good … so you could try some baking soda in water. Pittosporum … no to be honest, I wouldn’t plant it Miss. It grows super quickly but really only has a short life span. Look at Lillypilly or Norfolk hibiscus (the latter is classified as a weed here but makes an amazing hedge) or don’t discount Griselinia. Thanks for the nice comment S – I wonder how many people ever read my blog!? 🙂

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