A weekend of work

Snapped this the other morning. Pretty!

Snapped this the other morning. Pretty!

I’m sitting here slurping away on a Radler beer (whoops not Toi Toi – shame on me), cooking dinner and endeavouring to write another post.

I have had the ‘best’ weekend in ages and it was a long one too – Labour day!


Those spuds that I planted early September are growing like mad. They are tumbling out of their box and are also starting to flower. At this rate we will be eating them in the next month. Yum!

The garlic is finally starting to bulb up which I’m really pleased about. It is super important to keep the water up over the next few months  – goes without saying I will also be sloshing about my homemade seaweed brew.

The slugs have been having a brilliant time munching on my beans and lettuce – I went out the other night, bucket and torch in hand and reduced their numbers significantly. Good!

I desperately wanted to plant my toms this weekend, but they didn’t make it into the ground. But the zucchini did though and are already starting to flower.

I prepared their bed on Sunday (RB6) – no small job either. Ripped out the last of the winter stuff, and then threw in composted manure and planting mix, mulch on top to keep the soil moist and the worms happy. And hey presto!

At this time of year – getting beds ready for their next residents is a big job. We prepped the spud bed on Saturday (G2) – same process as usual except that the weeds had taken over this space. So it was time to haul them out, dig the soil over without going berserk and again load it up with organic material. Composted pooh and planting mix, coffee grounds and rok solid fertiliser. Happy happy me!

Spud plot - having a breather

Spud plot – having a breather

So Monday I dug 5 trenches in the soil, scrabbling about on hands and knees in the moist dirt (I love this). Normally I would chit the spuds until well and truly sprouting before they were planted, but this time around I have opted to experiment – from bag to soil! So after laying comfrey leaves at the base of each trench which was approx 15cm deep, I laid the spuds (Desiree, Liseta & Red Rascal), eyes up and about 25cm apart (sure Julie) and then covered them with soil. A good hose and then time to stand back and admire! Love it.

Comfrey leaves on the base   ...

Comfrey leaves on the base …

I have even started my comfrey tea bin too, which I will use in the next few months, love this brew and a great additive to any garden, being high in nitrogen and potassium. Bring it on.

The olive trees are absolutely laden with tiny blossoms, if this lot comes to fruition we will have more olives than we know what do to with! Amazing, and to think I haven’t even started spraying with fish fert yet!

The bees love phacelia, which makes a brilliant cover crop as well

The bees love phacelia, which makes a brilliant cover crop as well

So quickly … the Bonner’s orchard

  • Peaches – super poor crop, some of the trees are already showing leaf curl. Get out the seaweed sprayer!
  • Quince – so pretty. Fruit already growing and looking gorgeous
  • Damson Plum – loaded with developing plums
  • Luisa Plum – I suspect that the crop here will be disappointing. Such a shame as this is my fav plum
  • Pear trees – all of them are covered in tiny pears or blossom, wow this is going to be some crop
  • Black Doris Plum – no comment
  • Apple trees,  Prima and Egremount Russet – young trees both showing lots of blossom
  • Paragon peach tree (never been pruned) and covered in fruit, oh dear!
  • Crab Apple – looking splendid
  • Persimmon – needs restaking. Lots of greenery and looking very healthy
  • Loquat – No comment
  • Fig trees – I need to check these out
  • Nectarine – showing off based on previous years of doing particularly poorly
  • Grape vine – I think this is Niagara variety but the proof will be in the pudding, this is its first year and it is fruiting nicely

Loving my garden as much as ever – who cares about the sore back.

Time to fess up, I got rid of the beer and now I’m enjoying a well deserved glass of Toi Toi Sauv Banc. Good work!

Poppy magic - so delicate and pretty

Poppy magic – so delicate and pretty

Happy gardening

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