Happy in my garden

thirsty chooks-1040452

Thirsty work being a chook!

Well to start with I am sitting typing away at the kitchen table covered in dirt, twigs, grass, seeds you name it. Yes I have had a beaut day in my garden.

What’s happening in the dirt?

We hauled out one of our raised beds for the next residents, the chillies. We prepared the bed using composted horse poo, homemade compost, coffee grounds and a good planting mix. All the usual stuff and it is ready to go.

The spuds in the top garden have shot through and are boasting significant greenery already. Just goes to show that you don’t have to chit potatoes firstly, although I suspect it hastens their overall growth. Must splash around some seaweed fert, this will certainly ‘crank’ them up.

flowering garlic-1040461

Some of our homegrown varieties of garlic have started to flower. Always important to snap these off so that all the plants energy goes into that wonderful bulb in the soil.


The Egyptian walking onions are really looking fabulous, their vigour is amazing. I noticed today that 2 plants are forming their bulblets.  Unlike the normal onion, these don’t flower but instead form a cluster of bulblets and these when they are heavy enough, will bend the stem of the plant they are attached to and topple to the ground. All being well, they will then take root and form another plant. Hence ‘walking onion’ – very appropriate.


I started snapping off laterals on my toms today … which I intend to do diligently this year and will certainly keep them more manageable. Always an idea to do this when there is no rain in sight and a slight breeze, hopefully this may lessen the likelihood of disease.

My runner beans have been hammered by the slugs – which I’m not happy about. Be interesting to see how well they do given their poor start to life.

dwarf beans-1040433

The salad garden is looking gorgeous and the dwarf beans here, although small, are already growing beans.

fox gloves-1040423

Fox gloves looking pretty tucked in with the geranium.

Roast chook for dinner tonight – no not one of mine. Andrew is cooking one of his favourites. Chicken with preserved lemon (homemade of course) and garlic. Yum!

Happy gardening …

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