Countdown to Christmas

It is Sunday and I’m banging away on the computer. It’s The Garden Share Collective month and as per usual I always leave the important things to last!


Well goes without saying that we have 2 clucky chooks. The agenda for these girls is simple. Breakfast and dinner time, carefully remove them from their nest and pop them outside for their tucker, toilet and liquid top up. Chances are, if you don’t, they will forego the meal. Are they sitting on eggs? No, of course not. I diligently remove them when they appear, as being a chicken Mum needs a ‘wee’ bit of organisation.

chrissy card-1040585

Don’t know about you … but Chrissy has snuck up on me yet again this year. I’m completely disorganised and haven’t done a thing for Christmas yet. And, I’m absolutely dreading the thought of Christmas shopping which every year is manic!

Christmas day at Frog Pond Farm of course, is the same as every other day of the year. The list of ‘must dos’ never changes – feed all the animals and the chooks, jab the diabetic cat who is doing famously now he has been diagnosed, walk on the beach and then launch into the prep for the evening Chrissy BBQ with the neighbours. Yay! Really looking forward to that. Mustn’t forget to order the ‘free range ham’.


So what is happening in the Bonner’s garden this month? Well I removed about 25 garlic plants yesterday from one of the raised beds. Have to be honest, I don’t know why I keep planting them in the raised beds each year, truth is they don’t grow brilliantly in this space. Makes me think it might be a water issue. As to why I keep on doing this? Who knows! So after hauling these out, I prepped the bed for the next residents. Gorgeous home made compost, sweet smelling stuff with lots of chunky carbon bits and loads of slimey worms. This plus coffee grounds and wood ash was dumped onto the bed and then trenches dug and lined with comfrey. Into this space went Rua spuds all sprouting and the remainder of the Lisetta and Nadine potatoes. Cover them up and hose them in.

I also poked in a Jack be Little pumpkin and a Marketmore cucumber. These went into RB4 which is currently the home of loads of garlic which I shall take out in the next 2 weeks or so. This bed is going to be my 3 sisters garden (4 actually sunflowers are going in here too). As you can see I’m planting this bed in stages. More on that bed soon ..


The growth in the orchard is significant although the fruit crops aren’t. The winds have removed lots of fruit which is disappointing. The pears and peaches seem to have really copped a hammering. The Turkish quince is as ever looking fluffy and gorgeous. Very photogenic! Time for another seaweed fert spray, which with a bit of coaxing Andrew just might do today.

We are harvesting, lettuce and beetroot which get stuffed into the juicer daily. Very tasty indeed. Still eating spring onions, and loads of herbs. We have just started munching on those lovely dwarf beans and I even picked my first zucchini yesterday. Wow the start of zucchini in everything!

Egyptian walking onions

Egyptian walking onions

As for those very special Egyptian Walking Onions, as I have never grown these before harvesting them is going to be hit and miss, in saying that I suspect that we will be munching on them very soon and into the New Year.

Let’s face it, there is always loads to do in the garden. Keep the water up to the pumpkin in the secret garden. Slosh about some comfrey tea over the spud & salad beds. Give the newly planted chillies lots of TLC. Check the cucurbit family for any signs of powdery mildew. Spend hours on my roses removing diseased leaves, spraying with organic stuff and wondering why on earth I just don’t pull them all out!

Roadside splendour

Roadside splendour

Remove all the garlic (there is at least another 100 plants!) Then there is the red onion crop to haul out, but I that looks like it will be a New Year job!
Speaking of the NY .. I’m going to bring in a few more chooks. One of the ‘rare breeds’ I think, perhaps a couple more of the Lavender sussex.

Funky pig letterbox

Funky pig letterbox

Our neighbour has about 13 piglets which I am busting to photograph. I zoomed over to see them yesterday camera in hand, but Mrs P wasn’t letting me near them. I’m patient!
Well that’s it for me. Thanks so much Lizzie for your wonderful Garden Share Collective. It is so nice being part of a group of people, who like me who love their garden!
Happy Gardening

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  1. Wow your veges are spoilt rotten with that gorgeous sounding compost and trenches lined with comfrey leaves! Any chance you could do a post about making compost; an Idiot’s Guide if you like? I have the compost bins and I’ve bee loading them up with different materials (mainly dried out weeds) but it’s not looking as good as yours sounds! I seem to do better chucking everything in a corner of the chook’s run and letting them scratch through it! You’re so ahead of me; I’ve only got courgette flowers although my beetroot is coming on nicely and I too am looking forward to juicing them – carrot, beetroot, apple and ginger is my favourite! Lovely post as always 🙂

    • Hey Miss .. thanks! Funny, there is a trick to compost – but not the one I was using over the weekend which started as a cold compost. Essentially weeds and grass clippings and food scraps. Truth is it has been sitting around for at least a year! Hot compost is the trick though easy to do but you need all the materials. Ah, another story. The juicer gulp, that had a bit of an accident this morning. Oh dear!

  2. Julie your garlic looks great, I have pulled one of the varieties up and they look good but the rest well they are just tragic. Look forward to seeing your new chooks, I am after a new rooster in the New Year, I want to breed my English sussex. Also would love to know your thoughts on the egyptian walking onions when you eat them. Wondering if I should try them out.

    • Hi Lizzie so good to hear from you. I know how busy you are! I am so lucky, we have the best rooster (Russell Crowe) Buff orpington. Gentle giant. Will certainly let you know about the Walking Onions new for me too! Watch this space


  3. i agree with you julie – this is such a nice group of people to say hello to each month, even if it does induce garden envy. i love the picture of the pansies poking around the walking onions. love a flowery vegie patch! it was pure poetry to read how you fed up the ex-garlic bed. i felt like i was right in there with you.
    good luck with your clucky chooks. they are hilarious, aren’t they?!

    • Hey so nice to hear from you. Love the flowers in the garden – so do the beneficial insects. Love feeding the garden, I know the more good stuff it gets, the better the food. Thanks for your super comments. Yep those chooks are hilarious! 🙂


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