My garden has been slimed!


How stunning are these clouds? I took this pic over the weekend … magic!


Well my garden didn’t look like magic yesterday morning, believe me. It resembled something out of Ghostbusters. It had been slimed! On viewing my raised chilli garden my jaw dropped there appeared to be some sort of vomit on the ground. Looked for the world like dog vomit, but rest assured it wasn’t. Nope, it appears that this horrid  growth is called ‘slime mould’, aptly named too I think. The bizarre thing is, it appears that I have introduced it into my garden in my mulch, which I love spreading about (good job Julie!). Yes, this invader called ‘Fuligo septica’ which resembles ‘dog vomit’ is alive and well in one of my raised beds and it loves consuming organic material and guess what? My garden is loaded with it. Quick someone grab me a hanky!

On to the rest of the garden …

spud crop-1040690

I dug up a handful of those wonderful spuds from their home which is an old fruit crate. Yummo! Wonderful Kowiniwini and an unknown variety of purple delights. Both potatoes were loaded with flavour and tasted fantastic with the lamb shanks that Mr Bonner prepared for me – what a guy!

lamb shanks-1040695

I have pulled out at least 80 garlic plants from the soil with at least another 40 in various beds still to be harvested. So much for my signs though – I obviously used the wrong marker pen and they have long since washed away. Could be interesting working out the various varieties.


potato flower-1040707

The spuds in the top garden have started flowering and the array of delicate coloured blossoms is lovely.I also preserved those lemons  – which I hauled out of the freezer. I promised the recipe so here it is.

preserved lemons-1040708

1.5 kg lemons
350 g sea salt
2 sticks cinnamon
2 bay leaves
2 tbs of honey
1 tbs coriander seeds
250 ml of lemon juice
750 ml of warm water

Wash and dry 1.5kg thin-skinned lemons. Cut them lengthwise into quarters, from the point of the lemon to three-quarters the way down, but leave them joined at the base. Place them in a plastic bag and pop them in the freezer for 24 hours.

Thaw the lemons. Measure 350 g sea salt and 1 tablespoon lightly crushed coriander seeds. Stuff the centre of each lemon with a heaped teaspoon of salt. Arrange them neatly in a 2 litre jar, sprinkling each layer with more salt and some coriander as you go. Stuff 2 cinnamon sticks into jar with 2 lemon leaves or bay leaves.
Mix 2 tbs of honey, 250 ml lemon juice and 750 ml warm water until  the honey dissolves. Pour into the jar to cover the lemons. Screw the lid and put the jar into a large pot on top of a piece of cardboard (I use an old tea towel). This stops the jar vibrating. Pour in enough warm water to come halfway up the sides of the jar and slowly bring it to the boil for approx 6 minutes. Then remove from the heat. Lift the jar out of the water and store in a cool dry place for at least 6 months before opening. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Thanks Greg Malouf!


Well my garden is looking beautiful .. well most of it is!

Happy gardening!

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  1. I’ve NEVER seen anything like your slime Julie!!!!! How on earth do you get rid of it. I had to laugh as I too would have blamed the dog 🙂 the rest of the garden is looking as amazing as ever – especially that cheery sunflower 🙂

    • Hey Sarah I had never ever seen anything like it either. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My poor garden! Truth is apparently you can’t get rid of it .. it needs to do its thing. It looks gross, but I get the general feeling that it isn’t going to do any harm. Fingers crossed!

      J 🙂

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