Thanks 2013 …

So how was your Christmas?

Christmas cakes-1040802

We got really spoilt. His and hers Christmas cakes from our lovely neighbour Rose. Mine by the way is the one smothered in marzipan. Yummo!

Dan Christmas-1040792

Yes, Dan really hated having to wear the hat and the tinsel. Just for the photo though.


It’s been raining this afternoon which has put a bit of a dampener on my gardening endeavours. Shame, as I have loads to do outside.


This is Grace our British shorthair. Yes she is wet and busting to get outside again.


I took this pic of Muriwai beach the other day – just before it threw it down!

A few days ago I finally poked in seed for my ‘4’ sisters garden, which is already looking great with some cucurbit residents (heirloom cucumbers & Jack be Little pumpkin).

The sunflowers are all through – with the corn being leisurely about germinating. Slowly but surely. Don’t forget as corn is wind pollinated it is ideal to plant in blocks.

Allium lunch-1040808

I just had to take a picture of our cucumber, garlic and Egyptian walking onions (at last) which I sliced up for our Greek salad. By the way, those walking onions are delicious!

Rom Mug-1040814

This wonderful mug was made by a good friend of mine. She is so very clever … check out her website

Well that’s it. A very short post just before the end of 2013. What a fab year it has been. Wishing you and yours all the best for the New Year. Safe and happy holidays.

Happy gardening!

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  1. Hope you shared some of the marzipan with Andrew!!! Terrific pics … Grace looks lovely and Dan did a great job at trying to get in the festive mood!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the posts from Frog Pond Farm during 2013 and look forward to the 2014 ones!!!! Thanks!!

    • Hi Brenda .. so nice to hear from you. No Andrew hates marzipan, hence the 2 cakes. Classic! Grace is divine … on the plump side though. Thanks for your wonderful comments – so appreciated! 🙂

  2. Great pics Julie! I think Dan would get on very well with my Coco! Coco has also suffered the indignities of being dressed up in various hats etc! your friend is indeed very clever – will pop over to her site and have a squizz. We had a bottle of Toi Toi given to us over the festive season….is that your wine?? It was yummy! Looking forward to getting back to blogging again for 2014!

    • Hey Sarah .. Thanks! Yes please do check out her site .. Toi Toi is our brand .. So pleased that you liked the vino. I’m looking forward to blogging .. Love it! Happy 2014 to you ..:)

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