Unwanted visitors ..

Well I can’t believe that it is nearly the end of January and I have only done one post. Oh dear, go and stand in the naughty corner Julie.


Still the good news is at last I am blog motivated, I’m feeling inspired to share our garden mayhem. So what is happening in our plot?

3 sisters-1050305

I have been super busy lately with the usual garden maintenance … weeding, mulching and fertilising, in no particular order either mind you, just where I find myself at the time. I’ve been fertilising my chilli and salad garden with my homemade seaweed brew, plus my ‘3 sisters’ garden which has at last started to grow like mad. This is a mix of  corn, beans and cucurbits (think cucumbers), which are super companion plants. As I never stick to the rules I have added sunflowers into the mix (4 sisters) which will sit proudly at the top of the bed …

Mule time-1050302

Last weekend was spent mulching Bana grass, Ringa Ringa Lilly stalks and masses of Queen Anne’s Lace, which had all been left to dry. The latter will no doubt introduce loads of seeds to my beds,  I just hope I don’t end up regretting mulching it. Still it couldn’t be any worse than using horse poo and having a garden chocka full of weeds.

Tommy Toe-1050306

Our wonderful runner beans are crawling up and over their trellis and providing us with loads of yummy long green lengths. This bed is completely overplanted as usual with tomatoes, a zucchini that is a ‘vege machine’, basil, parsley, celery and an array of flowers.

I’m harvesting beans like there is no tomorrow, loving those Egyptian Walking Onions which are serious competition for red onions and shallots, cooking with fresh garlic, throwing together some very nice salads, munching on Maori spuds and juicing anything and everything I can get my mitts on. Loving that garden produce.


Our orchard is looking good although many of the trees have dropped loads of fruit due to spring / summer winds. Then of course wild turkeys have also been assisting with denuding the trees. I honestly can’t believe that they find eating unripe quinces pleasant or apples for that matter. I loathe finding the pecked fruit on the ground and turn into a screaming banshee when I find them meandering around the orchard.

piglet mayhem-1050282

They aren’t the only uninvited visitors either, our neighbours piglets (15 or so) dropped in to say gidday the other day and root around amongst the trees as you do when you are a piglet and have escaped for the afternoon! Oh well the trials and tribulations of living on the land.
Happy gardening!


Can’t help myself – another pic of our gorgeous pooch Dan at Muriwai beach. Perfect spot for morning walks.

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  1. Wild turkeys, escaped piglets….it all happens at Frog Pond Farm! Dan is gorgeous 🙂 I’d love to hear more about your juices….I’m a bit boring with mine and would love some inspiration. Great post as always Miss!

  2. what an amazingly green garden you have! i am envy of all that greenness, as my hobart suburb turns beige due to the dry summer heat. i hope you dontl geta garden full fo weeds – a garden full of queen anne’s lace on the otherhand would be just entrancing. i had a meagre (self-sown) collection of these graceful flowers, but my mum had whole clouds of them, wafting and dancing in the breezes. a lovely old-fashioned flower!

  3. Our travel time. End of January, February. It is cold, wet and misty over here. So we “escaped” to NZ. 2007 we were lucky. 2 days rain. Rest was sunshine. 2012 is was half and half. But still very beautiful and exciting.

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