Blogger’s block

I’m sitting in the office, suffering yet again from blogger’s block. I have loads happening outdoors but can’t seem to put it down on paper. Grrrhhh ….

So perhaps I’ll cheat yet again and let the pictures tell much of the story. Now that makes it nice and easy.

Russell Crowe-1050450

My adorable rooster Russell Crowe, watching over his harem.


Countdown to moulting.Β Hard to believe that I have 15 chooks? Shame on you!

Olives J5-1050470

We seem to have rather a good crop of olives this year. Our first ever – imagine that? I’m tasting the olive oil right now!

jack be little-1050453

Jack be Little Β – aren’t these pumpkins cute? They are so very tasty too. They love lots of water and a good layer of mulch. These guys are currently residing in my ‘three sister’s garden’.


Zinnias. They look so beautiful in the vege garden, with their bright blooms. Reckless summer winds snapped these heavy stalks with the flowers toppling to the ground.


This banana inflorescence is gradually opening exposing those bright green fingers beneath.


These Cherokee tomatoes taste as good as they look, so sweet and juicy. Divine in salads, homemade pasta sauces and sliced and topped on toast with a thick layer of peanut butter. Heaven!

sunflower sadness-1050476

Sunflower sadness …

So few words, but still much happening. Gardens to water and feed, turkeys to shoo away, obligatory weeding and time to grab a piece of paper, sit down with a glass of Toi Toi and start planning the winter vege garden. Yay! Love doing this ..


Beach walking ….

Happy gardening!

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  1. Pictures, are great – words can be over rated sometimes πŸ˜‰ – we all get blogger block sometimes so don’t worry.
    Actually, I really enjoyed the pictures – I could see sun – real sun! I’ve forgotten what that looks like πŸ™‚

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