You can never be too careful …

Good start to the day! Cramps and nausea, and then an overwhelming realisation that I may have attempted to poison myself with my own vege juice! Hmmm, possibly something to do with me yesterday gaily splashing about homemade seaweed fertiliser over my garden and then whizzing out to grab some lemon grass for my juice this morning. And I thought I had washed it properly.

I did have a great weekend in my garden though. At last I have planted some of my brassicas into a raised bed – cabbage, kale, broccoli and pak choy which will be the quickest to grow while the brassicas growth is laborious to say the least …

As those pesky white butterflies are still flitting about and eager to lay eggs on my new seedlings, I have covered them with a homemade cloche, which by the way works a treat. If you aren’t familiar with a cloche, mine is quite simply frost cloth material that is draped over metal hoops. These hoops have a ring at their base which curtain wire is then threaded through and secured. The cloth is then pegged to the wire and hey presto, seedling protection. The other good news is the frost cloth keeps the environment inside about 3 degrees warmer. Photo next post, promise.

salad garden

I also poked in beetroot, lettuce, alyssum and viola into the next bed which is dedicated to salads and heaven forbid, juices!

hot chilli


The chillies are looking sensational. More ‘use at your own risk’ chilli sauce is on the way.


Oh and look what I found hiding in my insectary, a very cute, rather small watermelon.

tansy flowers

Tansy one of my favourites and supposedly, good to use to repel mites in the chook house.

duck pond

My garden is looking lovely – hope yours is too!

Happy gardening …

dan border collie

Oh and just because I love my pooch

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  1. Oh your garden is looking gorgeous Julie!
    ..and oh dear I do hope you’re feeling better really soon… the things we do 🙂
    We’re hoping to dig up a bed very soon for a new vege patch… so looking forward to it.
    Hurting one’s back doesn’t help with progress… but ah that’ll pass.
    Your produce and gorgeous herbs and flowers looks so lush and lovely.
    Would love to walk through your beautiful spot… touching and sniffing plants 😀

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