Photo time

I thought this week that rather than launch into my usual garden spiel, that instead I would let the photos do the talking.


It might be dying, but it is still larger than life


I’m hiding .. you can’t see me


My one and only turban pumpkin


Feijoas are ripening .. feeding the possums too


Banana magic


Yacon flowering. Soon time to be digging up those tubers below


Woof woof .. loving being at the beach!


Seaweed and glass baubles?


My cloche. Protection for those seedlings

pak choy haven

A sneak peek inside that cloche


The best until last. Devastation!

Happy gardening .. I shan’t be planting corn next year!

25 thoughts

      • I am wondering if the rats are big? It looks like they really cleaned the corn… We have deer in our area. A neighbor commented on our front yard and she said, she would be watching to see if they eat any of our plants. We will find out…We bought a very pretty plant and because the temperature dipped recently it doesn’t look very good.I don’t know if it will snap out of it or not. Do you have experience with Peonies? Or is to warm for them where you live. We are learning about what’s what in Oregon..sort!

      • Hey Roberta … yes indeed rather large persistent rats. I shall get them though! We don’t have a problem with deer or rabbits (yet). I love peonies – but sadly have never grown them. I don’t think Auckland gets cold enough. So nice to hear from you again.

  1. Oh dear – such a shame about the corn!!! Everything grows so well with all your loving care and attention ……. word obviously got out among corn eating pests!! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!

  2. Oh yes Julie, gorgeous photos and beautiful garden!
    Yum, so much awesome produce.
    I’m looking for cold climate plants. Wonder if I could grow Peonies? Will look into it 🙂
    Love that cloche too… Is it muslin? A great idea.

  3. Hi Robyn .. thank you! Very lucky with the produce (well some of it LOL). Would love to grow peonies – I think they do quite well in the South Island. Our cloche is made out of frost fabric – beaut stuff. 🙂

  4. i wish i could take such beautfiful photos. the chook one is hilarious! and i am seriously in awe of your big protective cloche. thank you for the look around your garden (and the beach).

  5. Hey .. great to hear from you. The cloche is brilliant and so easy to make – well in saying that its getting the materials together that are a pain. But so worth it. I know have 2 set up in the garden. Thanks for your lovely comments … your pics are super too!

  6. Oh no!! Your corn 🙁 I have just netted my feijoa tree as last year I did not get to harvest a single one, the birds knocked off all of the fruit. I was gutted…That pumpkin is gorgeous and I am sure it will taste amazing. One is better than none 🙂

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