Harvest and The Garden Share Collective

Well it’s harvest time – grapes that is and I’m down in Marlborough camera in hand in the ‘thick’ of it. Wonderful place to be, plucking sauvignon blanc grapes from the vines and munching away on the succulent berries as I dart amongst the greenery taking pics for Toi Toi. Perfect!

It’s time for another The Garden Share Collective update.  A monthly community of like minded garden bloggers who put pen to paper to share their vege patches with all those interested – the trials and tribulations of growing your own! Thanks Lizzie.

valley view-1060154

I was at home this morning, motoring around watering gardens, talking to plants, hoisting out weeds, checking on seedlings that got poked in the soil yesterday – celery, basil (yes I know wrong time of year), lettuce and dill.


Our garden is still feeding us daily. Spring onions, herbs galore, lettuce leaves, chillies, spuds, kumara, walking and red onions, fruit and lots of it! Lovely stewed with a small amount of water, honey and now ripe juicy persimmons are thrown into the pot too. Ah heaven!


The fig harvest has been a monster this year. Wow! This lot went into the freezer this morning.

cloche view-1060141

Another sneak peek into one of my cloches, the growth in one week is surprising.


Lucy, second x Dorpa, big on personality and size!


Dora, a Lavender Sussex waiting patiently for breakfast


My glorious garden with pest protection!


And just because I can .. snapped this phone in Marlborough. Quick ring someone.

Things to do

There is always loads to do.


Fertilise the garden especially the brassicas and peas which have just busted through the dirt
Prune the stone fruit trees, underway (good girl)
Olive harvest – hopefully end of April. Phew, this is going to be a LOT of work
Watch out for slugs and snails
Keep the water up to the gardens, autumn is often dry in Auckland
Shoo the turkeys away. Why, because they ‘really’ annoy me


That’s it … apologies for a hurried post. And as always

Happy gardening

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  1. You know, Julie, we still dream about the wonderful NZ wine! And it’s so hard to get around here. Nice to meet some of your animals. Do you have lots? Didn’t know you could freeze figs – we’re just eating last year’s jam. Enjoy your harvest 🙂

    • Not many animals Annette. 2 plump sheep and lots of chooks. First time I have freezed figs raw, fingers crossed. So enjoying being involved with harvest. Just climbed down from a harvester .. Wow! 🙂

  2. Are they Adriatic figs? You can definitely freeze figs to use in jams and puds and things like that. Yum! Your pest protection is fabulous. I haven’t gone near brassicas this year because the pesky white butterflies always get inside the netting. Grrrrr. I might still try broccolini though and give my homemade net cages another go 🙂 ..Gorgeous garden as always.

  3. Hey Sarah … gosh I have no idea if they are Adriatic figs. I poked a stick in the ground a few years ago and ‘hey presto’. Just adore figs with marscapone. Oh don’t give up on those brassicas, get yourself some frost cloth works a treat. Those homemade cages sound interesting. Would love to see a pic! Cheers Miss

  4. Some really great photos. I am totally jealous of your figs for the freezer, I can’t wait to have my own. We just bought a couple more to plant out, I just know that they take a bit of time.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Lots of colour in the garden and I love the sneak peak under the cloche! I am looking forward to trying out my own new mini greenhouses on my raised beds 🙂

  6. Love the photos and very envious of your fig harvest. We moved our fig last year – it was overshadowed by a large tree and was pretty unhappy so we’ve put it on a south facing wall and hope it will flourish. One day I may have enough figs that I have to freeze some, but it may be a long wait.

  7. Oh I love your garden! Add to that your gorgeous pics of your garden and all your wonderful produce. Mmm, those figs looks so good.
    Must email and ask you about the Sussex chookies. I will do that 🙂
    Have a fabulous time at your harvest!!

  8. I love that spring is just starting here and you are harvesting, it gives me hope of what is to come! Hopefully that means we will have a good fig year here as well!

  9. Very inspiring – and what a lovely sheep, she’s quite a looker! (And I’m not just saying that because she’s a Lucy, like me 🙂 ) Good reminder about protecting veg – I think the kids have adopted some of my cloche hoops for den building, I will have to reinvest!

  10. The white butterflys are driving me barmy, swarming all over my lovely new brassica seedlings, so it was perfect timing to read about cloches Julie! Gorgeous photos and a great read as usual – keep up the great (and inspiring) work !

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