No vege garden ramblings this week, I was in Marlborough for grape harvest. What an experience it was too! I had no idea what was involved and how much there was to coordinate. What did I do? Well not much really, except eat loads of grapes, take lots of pics and pray like crazy for good weather – it worked a ‘wee’ bit’.

For those interested in grape harvest …

brookdale vineyard marlborough

Brookdale Vineyard in Marlborough

Harvester Utawai-1060220

Harvester at Utawai Vineyard, Cloudy Bay. These machines are big

harvester view

A view from the top

Harvester bins-1060247

A sea of green. The grapes in the receival bin on board the harvester

atv bike

My sort of transport


Yes, yes I ate some of these! Beautiful, juicy Sauv Blanc

loddon lane vineyard

Loddon Lane near the Wairau River … just stunning

harvester Loddon-1060390

From the harvester into the gondola

Harvester Loddon-1060375

Close up …

harvester loddon-1060443

Or another way to get those grapes into the gondola. This machine can climb hills!

gondola into truck-1060420

From the gondola into the truck

truck Springcreek-1060300

From the truck into the receival bin at the Winery. The smell is amazing!

Loddon lane-1060402

Another pic of Loddon Lane … it is just beautiful

the lads at loddon-1060404

Easy to see I’m not great at taking pics of people! A huge THANK YOU to our winemaker Chris Young – you not only make great wine (Toi Toi of course) but you are a great bloke too! Also Craig and Paul – top job! Jeremy and Rex (great to meet you and thanks for the use of the ATV). Big thumbs up to everyone involved!

For everyone else … happy gardening

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  1. Hi Julie Nice shots….Good framing, I like the detail shots too , they tell a lot more of the story. Taking photos of things like this are a bit like a movie, you establish where you are with a wide shot and increasingly get closer to the story as you go along. And thats what makes it interesting as a story. People, it takes just getting in there and asking them to ignore you, or to do exactly as you say. I think that having shots of people looking at what they are doing is a good start. Like a close up of the tractor drivers hand on the steering wheel, Chris with his hands in the grape bin, legs under the 4wd, that sort of thing.

  2. Wonderful picture story of harvest time!! Glad you didn’t eat too many grapes – I am sure there will be plenty of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc from the “truckfulls” of grapes! I’ve often wondered what a fresh Sauvignon Blanc grape tastes like – we are getting lovely grapes here at the moment but wouldn’t have a clue how different table grapes are from the SB ones.

    • Hey Brenda … thank you! Was such a treat being there and yes I did have a few glasses of that good stuff! Sauv Blanc grapes pop in your mouth …you can’t confuse them with any other variety 🙂

  3. Who would have thought those large machines could so delicately harvest the tiny grapes? It must have been an amazing experience for you….and the distant views are incredible too!

  4. How exciting! Thanks for sharing your impression, Julie. What a beautiful landscape, you’re very privileged to be able to live there. And oh, the wine, how I’d love to sip a glass of NZ sauvignon now…in my garden (and you can’t get it in France!) Best wishes

  5. Wow! Great photo’s Julie. i hadn’t checked your blog for quite a while and was amazed at how busy you have been. It’s great to see what’s happening in the vineyard but also to see how your beautiful vegetable garden is thriving. Best wishes for a great harvest! We will look forward to tasting the Toi Toi 2014 vintage down the track!! G,B and fam x

  6. So interesting to see how the grapes are harvested (I love to see harvest photos of any crop). We drove around Marlborough and were astounded at the sheer scale of the vineyards. Will have to raise a glass of NZ wine this weekend to celebrate your harvest.

  7. Hi Julie. …. and here I was thinking the grapes were all hand picked! What an amazing thing to see! You must have had a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing it.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  8. Julie, I have yet to go to NZ and I find your blog interesting, you know how to get attention and keep things alive. Here’s a follow right back at you, MM 🍀

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