Go garlic!

Without doubt, one of my favourite things to do in my garden is plant garlic. Yesterday I shoved 36 of the best specimens I could get my mitts on (all grown here of course) into the soil. Variety? Who knows – but I’m confident that they are heirloom.

Being huge garlic fans, we just happened to have a bed ready to go. It was devoid of vege and had been prepped recently with all sorts of good organic material … food scraps, coffee grounds, horse poo and compost. Terrific stuff. As I prefer the ‘no dig method of gardening’ and as this bed was fairly friable, I have left it alone, no aerating with the broad fork either. I often think in feet and inches (I know I’m giving away my age), so it was a highlight finding a dressmaking stick complete with ruler that my Dad had made for Mum years ago. So yours truly not only had the spacing between the cloves spot on, but I used the stick as a dibble tool to make the planting holes. Sensational! Pa would be impressed. The rows were approx 20 inches apart .. and the garlic in each row approx 8 inches apart (these are good sized garlic). Usually I leave them half in half out, but not this year. Nope, these guys were dropped into a hole approx 2 – 3 inches deep and then covered up. Perfect! To top it off, I used some Earth Zing which is a soil enhancer and some Rok solid … scattered this brilliant stuff about and then liberally hosed it all in. To complete the garlic lasagna, I covered the lot with netting, which should keep the black birds at bay and our pooch who I think has been burying bones!

To finish my day in the garden, I splashed about some of my homemade seaweed and fish fert brew. The lucky recipients were the peas and a cloche full of brassicas.


I’m not sure if you grow feijoas or whether you like them if you do. I’m very fond of the perfumed fruit which originated from South America. To be honest, I was sure that our crop this year was lousy – something to do with the lack of water over summer. Well it appears that I am either blind or these suckers have grown like mad lately. Andrew has already hauled in at least 4 – 5 bucket loads with a promise of more to come. So today I carefully peeled a few kilos and popped them into freezer bags. They make the best dessert with crumble topping and lashings of cream. Each morning I grab a couple of ripe feijoas to start the day and then pour more of them stewed over my muesli. Yum! I’m doing a sensational job of eating as many as possible, and as Kiwi’s do at this time of year – ‘give loads of them away’.


This banana hand is now hanging proudly in our garage


If Edith could talk she would say “do you mind, I’m laying!”

red rose-2

How beautiful is this rose in our garden?


I have no idea whether this pic is good or not, but I like it! Zinnias


This splendid mushroom shot in Marlborough is for Robyn 🙂

I hope you enjoyed Easter.


Happy gardening


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  1. Another beautiful blog Julie! You must have the best prepared garlic beds in N Z, I am already looking forward to seeing photo’s of your harvest later in the year. Gx

  2. Hello Julie!! 😀
    What a great mushroom shot… thank you for thinking of me!! It looked like it sprouted with great determination… that one 😉
    What a fabulous post. I love sharing your garden and chookies with you. Yum, garlic!
    I didn’t realise bananas ripened off the tree… I can’t grow them here… way too cold (but we used to grown them when I was a kid). They look like lady fingers… my faves!
    Lovely pic of Edith and yes that stunning velvety rose… bet it smells divine 🙂
    Have a great day!!!

  3. Hey Robyn .. when I was taking the pic of the mushy .. I was hoping it wasn’t a toadstool. Trust me I wouldn’t eat it! LOL I’m glad you enjoy my garden and my blog. Love yours too, I just want to get as good with the camera as you are! Yes, our bananas would never ripen on the stem. Very yummy when they finally do too! Happy Wednesday! J

    • Just found your reply! Somethings going on with my notifications 😛
      Love your blog Julie and thank you for the lovely compliment about the camera. I too love it and am always learning.
      That might be a toadie actually?? Good plan, don’t eat it 😉
      Happy Monday 😀
      Have to tell you, I love the new look… it showcases your beautiful pictures and garden so well!!!

  4. Hello Julie, I have just discovered your blog and it is wonderful. It is a great pleasure to read it and enjoy your gorgeous photos! Thank you. I will be checking in often. Sending best wishes your way, Wendy

  5. Julie….your garden almost makes me cry…what a fantastic looking season. I must try harder. Garlic already. Gee I”ll get my bed prepared then.

  6. Hi Julie, I love garlic too! And I’m pleased to say that it grows like mad so I’m looking forward to the harvest. One of my favourite recipes is roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, yummie :). Your hen is such a beauty. I just said to my hubby the other day that baking bread and harvesting eggs from your own chickens are among life’s greatest pleasures.

  7. Very good post Julie, and loving your blog. We’re just moving into spring here, and I always get antsy about getting the family garden started at this time of year… patience though, I still have another month to wait.

    We found garlic growing in our back yard when we bought our house, but I removed it. I actually want to grow it again. Do you plant the bulbs in the fall? And how do you know when they’re ready? I remember ours having a sort of pink flower at the top of the stem.

    • Hey Shane .. we are meant to plant garlic in June and harvest in December, so swop them around. They take about 6 months or thereabouts to bulb up nicely. Ideally you don’t want them flowering as they are putting energy into the flower when you want it downstairs in the bulb. So I snap off the flower head ..

      It is the best vege to grow … go on. Would love to see some pics of yours! 🙂


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