Autumn magic …

I love my garden, my camera and autumn!


The last few days have been magic … I just love this mild weather, warm sunny days and masses of coloured leaves underfoot.


Seriously I have had the best weekend in my garden, and out and about with that camera (sorry about the scattered pics with no dialog).

rose solitare-1060760

So in no particular order, this is what I have done this weekend other than visit the beach that is!


At last, I poked in some Egyptian Walking onions into a raised bed which is already home to some red onion seedlings. The walking onions have a cluster of bulbs which look much like shallots – so essentially it is one bulb per hole. Given that I am notorious for over planting, there is surprisingly plenty of room in this bed.


Yes, the bed is chocka with organic material, seaweed and compost, and to make it particularly tasty for the new residents, I liberally threw about handfuls of Rok Solid.
In terms of spacing think 6 – 8” between the bulbs, about 2” deep and about 12 – 14” between each row. For those who think metric – sorry! These guys don’t like wet feet either. Now all I need to do is convince Andrew that he should gather some azolla (nitrogen fixing weed) from our pond, which makes the BEST mulch.

seat next to the pond-1060749

A seat near the pond … Andrew might need it 🙂


Those brassicas have been unveiled – it was actually a case of having to remove the frost cloth as there was a scramble indoors for room. I have to say, I planted the kale at the rear which in hindsight was stupid. Why? Well the cabbage and broccoli in front are on steroids, growing like mad and shouldering everything else out of the way as they flex their muscles – you can’t even see the kale in the pic!

I’m yet to make a kick butt chilli sauce too – although I keep saying “I must make some today” and am yet to do it. Do you ever do that?


Not everything growing on the land should be eaten either .. I couldn’t resist taking this pic.

I spent much of the weekend pruning trees – well that is amongst the host of ‘odd jobs’. Pruning is one of my favourite things to do – I have no idea why as it is a big job and not exactly easy either when you are hauling a massive pruning ladder about. I’m good too, I sterilise my equipment between trees and for those sizeable removals, I always lather the stump with pruning paste. In total now I have pruned nearly all our orchard with the exception of the grove of feijoas (about 15 trees) and the hill covered in olive trees (about 50 trees) – makes me tired writing about it. And mentioning olives – I picked up 22 litres of our very own organic olive oil today! Yahoo ..


It won’t be long before my chilli bed will be hauled out and replenished with good material prior to another planting of garlic. And mentioning the latter, look what is skyward bound? How exciting!

russell-2393 copy

While it was an amazing weekend in the garden our beautiful Buff Orpington rooster Russell Crowe died on Saturday. Goodbye you gentle giant, the mornings just won’t be the same without you ..

Happy gardening


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  1. I wonder who does all the work whilst pics are being taken , blogs written, seems like an awful lot to do ? valle russel you were a gentle giant indeed ..

  2. Hi Julie, I love these pics and the light is fantastic. Plain to see why you love your garden! I especially like the view of the path with the trees…all this colour. What kind of tree is the big one on the left? Funny to think you’re right into autumn and here thes roses are in full swing.

  3. Wonderful photos. It must be nice to keep gardening into the fall. I ‘m looking forward to seeing how the cabbage and broccoli turn out. That is one crazy looking mushroom! Best to leave that one alone. Sorry to hear about your rooster. All the best.

    • So nice to hear from you! The cabbage and broccoli are always good, something special about growing your own. Winters are pretty mild here .. That rooster was a special guy. All the best to you too!

  4. oh, i am sorry about your rooster passign away. what a handsome fellow he was!
    yet again i have serious garden/green space envy. how lush and beautiful and peaceful your patch of the world looks.
    autum is a wonderful time of the year here in hobart too – my favourite time of the year, with the softer light and colourful foliage.

  5. What great captures, the light and colours of your autumn pictures are absolutely marvellous. I didn’t ever see such a perfect pic of a fly agaric. Love your garden! Best, Josephine.

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