What should I call him?


Well we have new additions to the Frog Pond Farm community .. one rather gangly Splash Orpington rooster who is about 20 weeks old and devoid of tail feathers, and two rather gorgeous Australorp hens aged about 16 weeks.


So our new alarm clock has arrived, although he is yet to crow! As chooks are notorious for having a ‘pecking’ order, the new arrivals are at the bottom of the ladder, which means they spend much of their day being ambushed or simply running off with a chook in hot pursuit. In due course, our rooster will be in charge and tend to his brood of squabbling girls. As happens though, he is a teenager and in dire need of a really good ‘blokey’ name to help him on his way. What do you think?



I’ve been busy the last few days watering can in hand, splashing about more seaweed fertiliser and burying food scraps from my Bokasi bin in various beds. This stuff is literally pickled and a great additive for the vege garden.

I also unveiled my second cloche with the brassicas inside tumbling out. They were way too big for the confines and were busting to be freed from the enclosure. As they had got so large, I have mounded soil around the base of the plants to give them much needed support (fingers crossed).

pea trellis-1060883

The peas are hoisting themselves up the trellis. I suspect that I may have planted them a wee bit late. They are sharing a bed with the garlic which is still in dire need of mulch – hint hint Andrew!

I have finally got over my juicing misadventure and am being healthy again with daily juices. Into the brew goes; beetroot sorrel, lettuce, parsley, kale, feijoas, lemons (all home grown) with carrots, celery and ginger. Delicious!

Yay! At long last I have made some roasted chilli sauce which is outrageously HOT! Perfect .. a real tear jerker.


As for the pics of this amazing fantail – it arrived via our open door and stayed for ages, flitting about with not a care in the world, it’s song was superb.

My pruning is well underway .. just up to Auckland to provide the right day to give those trees their much needed haircut.

And for all those that love flowers – even a dying zinnia looks beautiful!


Well that’s it for me for another week


Yes, yes a brag shot!

garden magic-1060902

Happy gardening!

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  1. Your new alarm clock looks ready to go! I love the shot of the zinnia and the green thing below. What is a cloche? You see, without shame, I display my ignorance of plant names!

  2. Whoops – I posted my thought on facebook ………. “Arnold” ……. as in Schwarzen-“egger” ( just to continue the movie star theme). Pictures are fab – yet again!! Love the fantail – my favourite bird ……. miss them! We had one on the “farm” at Takanini who was a daily visitor to the “workshop” if he/she didn’t show up for a couple of days how lonely it seemed!!

    • Hey B … you are funny! Arnie Schwarzen’egger’. That fantail is amazing .. it is so friendly. Even follows me out in the garden .. I’m not sure if winter will change its visiting, hope not 🙂

  3. Beautiful setting there Julie and still loving the name Frog Pond Farm. As for the Cock, I was thinking along the lines of Don Juan the Spanish Romeo, but I see Mother Hen got there first. So that got me to thinking, he is king of the roost and the Spanish king is Juan Carlos. Of course if you say Juan Carlos quickly there is a suggestion he may not be interested in the chickens. That’s it Carlos – sounds regal, goes well with Cock (Cocky Carlos) and is Spanish. Now to the chooks, as it seems these may be your first, why not make it A, B, C. Abel, Beatrice and Carlos. I know Abel is meant to be a boy’s name but it just fits for me and can be amended to Abelle to make more feminine (Abel is also meant to be popular in Spain). I’ve been thinking too hard again, time I got my own personal fleet of taxis……MM 🐔🐣🐣

    • Wow! You are amazing! You have been doing some serious thinking haven’t you? 🙂 gosh, after all your wonderful suggestions, and I do love the name Carlos, I suspect our young rooster maybe called Collin! As for those 2 youngsters that arrived with him .. I think one if them may also be a rooster so they have been called Harry & Sally. But more on that later! Thank you MM so much for your wonderful input 🙂

  4. Great shots and it sounds like the Fantail was quite entertaining while he visited. Thank you for sharing and you seem to have your hands full that is for sure. -Max-

  5. I am cracking up yet again. My girlfriend was just talking about roosters that showed up in front of her house cockadoodledooing and now I see this! lol Nice post. Made me smile. 😀

  6. Beautiful pics. We just introduced six teens to our existing 8 hens. It was a bit rough for a few days and they still stick with their own little possy but now the ‘kids’ have taken over the higher roost. It’s pretty funny.

    • Hey Wendy, that sort of thing really makes me laugh. Yes, these youngsters will certainly get their own back in due course. Collin spends much of his day running like blazes away from the old chooks, who thoroughly enjoy pecking him!

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