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Aussie here I come! I’m off tomorrow to visit friends and family in Melbourne and I’m excited. And it just so happens that I’m having a one on one session with a fantastic photographer – Leanne Cole while I’m there too! How good is that!

I was particularly bad last week and didn’t do a post. Shameful of me – go stand in the naughty corner Julie! Truth was, it was rotten weather and I couldn’t get outdoors to take any pics.

cleome flower

The good news is, that the weather this weekend has been gorgeous, so we were outside pruning those olive trees. Time to open up the middle to let in the light, remove any crossed branches and generally give them a much needed haircut. We have done about 9 trees, which means we have about another 40 to go ..

hot chillies

It was time finally to say ‘goodbye’ to those fiery chilli plants, so habanero, cayenne and a Thai fire all were removed along with their summer neighbours. This bed was quickly replenished with composted horse poo and coffee grounds before more wonderful home-grown garlic was stuffed into the dirt. Bring it on!

As I’m tapping away on the laptop, I have a seriously wicked chilli concoction boiling away on the stove which I’m going to bottle very shortly .. one of those sauces that is not for the faint hearted!

It may have been a tad damp last weekend, but we still managed to wheel out our Briggs and Stratton chipper to mulch a rather large pile of fruit tree trimmings, corn & sunflower stalks. As I had dug out a massive old lavender bush from a raised bed (sorry bees), this needed chipping too. This is always a big job and often leads to the workers (hubby and I) having a few words on ‘how best to do things’ – know what I mean? Worth it though, and at last I have finally tucked in the garlic with some rather sweet smelling mulch!

Our new rooster Colin and his pals have settled in nicely although they are still looking over their shoulder at meal times waiting for the imminent attack from one of the old girls.  And mentioning those chickens, as it is wintertime they are having their annual spell from egg laying.

watering can in salad garden

garlic heirloom sprouting

The garden is looking fab, it may be winter but we are still enjoying lots of fresh produce – you just can’t beat growing and eating your own vege and better still when it is organic!

Thought I’d post a couple of pics taken over Queen’s birthday weekend at Karioitahi beach. Nice!

sunset at karioitahi beach

high flying-1070139

Happy gardening ..






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  1. Gorgeous photos as always Julie! What will they be like after a photography course!!! I have to tuck my garlic into bed soon… till next week haven’t I?? Talk about cutting it fine 🙂

  2. beautiful photos. it’s great you are still harvesting now it is winter. i have silverbeet and that is it! i a not very good at gettign organised for winter gardening – but then, it is so cold and dark, there is little appeal.
    and i love that your new rooster’s name is “colin”. fabulous.

  3. That sounds absolutely great, Julie, and I wish you a good time. I’m also a lover of chilli, my favourite recipe being Marmellata di Pepperoncini which goes well with cheese…just remember to wear gloves and even then…I’m looking forward to more pics, don’t forget to include Colin 🙂

    • Hey Annette … so nice to hear from you. Yes I will take some pics of Colin. He is like a kid .. makes me laugh with his nutty antics. That recipe sounds yum, might Google it I think, The sauce I made is very very hot. Take care Miss 🙂

  4. You have such gorgeous chillies, and is that top photograph of a tomato bush? Beautiful photographs, the beach and skydiver and stunning as well as your plant pics 😀

    • Hi .. yes those chilies are divine. The pic with the house in the background is a cleome (I can’t believe it is flowering) and the shot under the headline is a nasturtium. Thanks so much for dropping by. Pleased that you like the pics 🙂

  5. Julie, great roundup post and great photos to match. Have a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to find out how things go with Leanne.

    Alao, I found a nice new compost thingy at my new house, so I’d love to get your advice on how to use it. Since it’s late in the season here to start a garden, I’ve reduced my crop to some simple herbs, green beans, and a cherry tomato plant. Lots of roses though, but I don’t knkw how to care for them either.

  6. Very happy to help if I can. Your vege garden sounds just fine, I’m sure you could pop in some salad vege too. I feed my roses seaweed fertiliser which I use as a foliar spray. But it is so humid in Auckland they cop all the nasty fungal diseases. Make sure they are well watered, give them some compost and mulching is always great. 🙂

  7. Oh I love that sunset post! I’d love to grow my own garlic, but have never planted any. At the moment we’re growing lots of salad greens, Asian greens, spinach, tomatoes, & carrots. We’ve fresh seeds coming in the mail so I can’t wait to get them into the ground – among them is popcorn!

    Hope you have a good trip to Melbourne!
    Sarah x

  8. Love the 2nd to last photo! That’s cool you had a session with Leanne…I follow her blog also. Another coincidence…I’ve been trying to find a warm place this summer to house sit for a couple of weeks and there’s one in Melbourne over Christmas. I looked at the typical December weather and it said 35 c. I’ll need to run it by my husband.

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