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The weather was gorgeous last weekend .. there are buds forming on the peach trees in the orchard, the almond tree is already starting to show a few white blossoms, daffodils are nodding in the breeze and the hyacinths in the orchard are looking pink and pretty. How good is it standing back and observing? Nearly as good as sowing seeds … LOL


I love the latter! No doubt about it. Cleaning the seed tray, setting up the heat pad, sorting through my seed collection, which usually leads to plenty of umming and ahhing. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the process of sowing seeds and their daily maintenance. I get so impatient waiting for the first seedling to pop through, which they did this morning. Woohoo .. we have germination! Zinnias and giant spinach have tossed aside the organic planting mix and are up.

So before I get too excited, here’s what went into the tray last Friday ..

Lemon bergamot
Zinnias – mixed colour
Shasta daisy
Tomato – Cherokee (a gorgeous heirloom variety)
Cayenne chilli
Thai chilli
Banana pepper
Red marconi pepper
Giant spinach

I usually sieve the mix to begin with to remove chunky bits, but I didn’t which is very unlike me. Thankfully so far, it hasn’t encumbered those seedlings. Next up, I shall sow the salad and herb seeds that I have chosen, into sieved soil of course as I’m feeling rather guilty. The cucurbit family will get sown into pots in September, and I have decided this year that dwarf and climbing beans will be planted in situ. Fabulous!

I have been busy pruning olives too and wishing that hubby would help! Truth is he hates pruning fruit trees.

Speaking of the hubby, he picked loads of lemons the other day saying that he would like to make a a hot lemon pickle. I looked at him and thought – no, what you really meant to say was “here you go, lemons for you to make a pickle with!”


And as we just adore preserved lemons, look what I have been doing this week. Thanks to our buddy Greg Malouf for his top recipe!

preserved lemons

Happy gardening

opington rooster

Guess who?

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  1. Ups, that looks great…but where is the recipe? I’d like to try it 🙂 PS: I do enjoy your excitement about sowing especially as there’s a touc of autumn in the air and seed sowing will soon be a thing of the past. Enjoy it, dear Julie 🙂

  2. I get very excited when it comes to seed sowing!! Haven’t sown any of my cut flowers yet just veg but will get onto it this weekend! I’m almost as methodical as you….but not quite 🙂

  3. We’re just starting to think about sowing for winter salads here, but the spring sowings are always the best – all that promise of lush growth and healthy harvests. No doubt you’ll be celebrating the arrival of plenty more green shoots over the next few weeks – enjoy!

  4. Yes the spring seed sowings are brilliant … although I don’t mind the winter veg either. They always amaze me how they relish the cooler weather. Yes, lots more green shoots are appearing. More work on the horizon! Have fun in your garden 🙂

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