Get growing …

We have germination! Those seedlings are up … I’ve even pricked out some of the zinnia, spinach and Cherokee toms which are now sitting quite happily in punnets with a good planting mix. They have been sprayed with seaweed fertiliser which I’m sure they enjoyed and are due to be moved into our small greenhouse.


Andrew woke up on Saturday morning raced outdoors and gave the Ngaio or Mousehole tree a rather serious haircut. This is a New Zealand native which is a fast growing evergreen shrub or small tree. In saying that, it takes no time to get to a height of 10 metres. This unwanted Kiwi, was doing a fine job of shading our greenhouse, so with it reshaped, I’m ever hopeful that those seedlings will get plenty of sun.


I’m still sowing more seeds. Beetroot (white and red chioggia) has also been poked into seed trays, along with their good buddies ‘lettuce’ – think freckles, great lakes and butter crunch.

Am I happy? You bet!

I must say, I’m probably a damn sight happier than my chickens are though. That strapping rooster Colin who is crowing at every opportunity has turned into an ‘overactive lad’ and is creating havoc with those hens.

Meal time at Frog Pond Farm was always an enjoyable experience, followed by a leisurely stroll to the water bowl, where the girls could be seen sipping on water and pondering their day. Now those hens ‘peck and run’ foregoing their evening drink to hightail it up the hill and away from Colin. Can’t say I blame them! Ah the trials and tribulations of being an older chook living with a young virile rooster, who by the way, rather ‘fancies’ himself.


Meet Eric.. our gorgeous moggie! Fine ratter too ..

Yes there is much happening at the farm. Spring is on the way and that is so exciting, I even spotted the first blossoms on one of our plum trees!

Have I finished pruning those olives, have I? Not likely, and I also need to add the pears and apples to that ‘must prune’ list.

And it just so happens that we are heading to Central Otago this week to check on those vineyards. Time to take some more pics of vines, wine and New Zealand’s beautiful scenery. Lucky ah?

I’m a bit short of pics this week sorry – but as always, our local beach looks the picture! 🙂

muriwai beach in winter

Happy gardening

PS if you love preserved lemons then this recipe by Greg Malouf is a winner! Hope you enjoy Annette …

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  1. Well you’d better get! Just teasing..Sounds as though you have a lot on your plate. Love your photos! Tell that rooster to give the girls a break…tee hee..

  2. Your tales of Colin who — LOL!!! — ‘fancies’ himself made me smile. Lovely shot of the beach. Reminds of the wonderful sound of the waves on a trip to Mexico a few years ago. Happy spring! Our fall is just around the corner and I’m excited for that as well. 🙂

    • Colin sure is a character! Although I don’t think his girlfriends think so 🙂 Our local beach is perfect for morning walks with the pooch. Black sand too. Yes your fall is just around the corner .. I’m looking forward to spring.

  3. Lovely surprise, thanks Julie, but you have to be a member to see the recipe…never mind, I google it! Nice to see you in spring mode and all these promising seedlings! I shall sow some lettuce and that’ll be it for this year. Our cockerel is also a fab singer but has slowed down a little due to old age. I feel a bit sorry for him as his feathers and tail hang down but as long as he crows and eats with the girls we leave him be.

    • Hey Annette .. oh no I can’t believe you have to be a member to access the page. Sorry! Such a great recipe. Let me know how you go – I can always email it to you. Nearly spring time – I’m looking forward to that. Colin loves the sound of his own crow! 🙂

    • Hey Jim – thanks for stopping by. That Colin, is one very happy lad. And no, he can’t take a hint! Loves the sound of his own crow too. Have to say, he is a very handsome chap! 🙂 How is that gorgeous garden of yours?

  4. what an enviable life you lead… sigh 🙂
    i love the sight of new seeds finally popping thru, especially when still attached to their seed, like a security blanket. just awe-inspiring.
    lookign forward to those vineyard and scenery pics!

  5. I simply LOVE the second photograph 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to see little seedlings growing up..Once tends to associate it with hope and a new beginning. Reminds me of the quote: “The seed is hope; the flower is joy” 🙂

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