When the cat’s away …

Andrew has an aversion to pruning – well specifically fruit tree pruning. So the way I look at it is this, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And as he has gone away with some good buddies on a surfing jaunt OS, I have had a nice time in the orchard pruning!

muriwai beach sept 14-1080450

Yes, I finally pruned those pear, apples and quince trees and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience too! Sorry AB. But rest assured, it was a tiny trim.

Pruning now done and dusted … on to important things.


We had a stunning spring day yesterday – heaven sent. But today, there is more of the same Auckland weather, overcast with intermittent drizzle.

Grumbling aside, today I have decided to poke some cucurbit seeds into their own pots. As these are good sized seeds, I shan’t bother sieving the planting mix. These seedlings won’t have a problem shoving aside the dirt when they germinate. I have selected some nice heirloom varieties …

Zucchini – Cocozelle and Black Beauty
Cucumber – Long White Wonder, Tendergreen and Crystal Apple
Melon – Sweet Granite
Pumpkins – Turban, crown and Jack be Little

So as can be imagined, I’m excited. Obviously doesn’t take much to make me happy! LOL

Plus those seedlings indoors are coming along nicely too – and why wouldn’t they be?

almond blossom-1080456

Almond blossom

peach blossom-1080441

Peach blossom


Tibouchina …

It’s so nice seeing the garden come to life again. Trees are budding up, blossoms are showing off in the orchard and the bumbles and bees are out en masse.


My garlic is growing nicely … green stalk to the left of frame!


This mad jumble of greenery are the Egyptian walking onions.

As I like changing my mind, I even cleared a bed last week and threw in buckwheat seed. A top cover crop or green manure which the bugs will relish and so will the soil when it gets dug back in prior to planting summer crops.


Meet Sally an Australorp … cute ha?


Happy gardening



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  1. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful colours! Spring looks like it is taking hold. I could almost hear those gulls and I liked the photo of the calendulas sharing the space with the garlic. Strange bedfellows! I have grown Black Beauty before. They are delightfully photogenic and delicious. However, as with all zucchini, they often produce more than can be consumed, even by friends and neighbours. So be careful! All the best!

    • Hey Bob .. thank you! I should have mentioned, those gulls are gannets. We have a colony of them at Muriwai beach – people come from far and wide to see them. Glad you liked the pic of the calendulas – I blew it though, they are sharing the bed with the red onions. Oh dear me! I love zucchini – but they are machines! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I love the pictures! You seem to have had a blast.
    I, by the way, have a very scientific way of naming flowers – pink flower, blue flower, red flower…. You get the drift!

  3. Oh I’d love to visit you in your beautiful garden.
    Good on you girl… Glad you had a lovely Springy day!
    Sun was shining here today… Yahooooo!!! ..and the August winds are here :/
    Silly weather 🙂

    • Ah thanks Julie. She is such a great chook and has just started laying. I got the tiniest egg yesterday. Yes that is lavender, I have it growing around a rather small grapefruit tree. Thanks for you comments … glad you like the pics and post! 🙂

  4. Beautiful spring flowers you have there – I didn’t realise peach blossom was so pink and pretty. I could do with your fruit tree pruning expertise over here. It’s one gardening job that really worries me because getting it wrong might mean losing out on fruit to eat later in the year.

    • Hi Sarah .. I’m always so conscious of over pruning that if anything I probably don’t take enough off. Plus hubby doesn’t like me doing it 🙂 But we have a turkey and possum problem they adore our orchard .. So I’m very used now to losing fruit one way or another. Best of luck with your pruning 🙂

  5. Happy Gardening to you too. 🙂 Looks like a great year is commencing at your amazing farm. Gonna be fun to watch…. Love the almond and peach blossoms.

  6. Andrew and I have something in common…wish I’d have some angel come along and do the pruning for me. Maybe if I wish hard enough? 😉 Your pics are lovely as always!

    • Oh Amy I’m speechless (well nearly) :). Thank you so much for the reblog. No one has ever done that before. I feel so flattered. I woke this morning to a load of likes, new followers and wonderful comments! Thank you …

  7. I looked at this because it was re-blogged by a blogger I follow and admire. I’m glad I did. It’s brought fresh air and good living into my study on a grey afternoon. Thank you.

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