‘D’ stands for …

The question is what does ‘D’ stand for? How about seedling destruction by a diabetic old kitty, who by the way, is lucky to be alive!

Traipsing through into the kitchen to do the morning chores the other day, while hubby was away, I was met by my seedling punnets on the floor minus the seedlings!


What? I rubbed my eyes in disbelief (another ‘D’ word) and after holding my breath in shock for what seemed like an eternity, I let out a couple of good expletives. Only a couple mind you!  I stomped around for a bit cleaning up and wondering what to do. Luckily he hadn’t spotted another 6 trays of punnets tucked around the kitchen bench, so these seedlings are thankfully intact. I’m still wondering why he decided to do it. Was it kitty pay back for something, or was he hungry (doubtful) or as kitty’s do on the occasion – eat grass? Interesting to note, some of these seedlings ironically enough are poisonous to pets – try eggplant, chilli and tomato and yes he ate them all! I’m still scratching my head in wonder. So there we go … enough of nutty cats!


Spring in Auckland is often unsettled and this spring is no different. The blossom that looked so pretty on our almond tree has dropped already – thanks to the notorious September winds.


That buckwheat I scattered about in one of my raised beds has germinated and those seedlings are skyward bound. As there are spots in the bed devoid of seedlings, I threw in more seed over the weekend including some lupin seed for good measure and some added colour.

I still haven’t removed the other brassica garden – which is also home to spinach, borage and a host of uninvited stuff. I won’t now as I will be planting the tomatoes in a month’s time (fingers crossed no more cat attacks)! More from this space soon.

There is however, action happening in the garage on the heat pad … my long white wonder cucumber has germinated and is unfurling it’s greenery for the first time. More seedlings are on the way, and shan’t be stored in the kitchen!


My chooks are being good girls too – egg production is well underway again under the watchful eye of Colin of course!

spring flowers-1080548

Even on a dull day, aren’t spring flowers lovely?

Happy gardening

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  1. I’ve been experiencing Destruction from some naughty pukekos! They pluck out my bulbs in the cutting garden and just rip off random branches from bushes. I also have a mouse in the greenhouse eating my peas……not for much longer though!

  2. D is for ‘devouring’ everything in sight? I’m reminded of the time Wesley worked SO hard on a science project for school. We drove out to a lovely secluded wooded area and he collected a number of butterfly and assorted bug specimens. Spent the afternoon identifying, labeling and pinning them to a Styrofoam base. He’d done a very nice job.

    And then came Romeo.

    We left the apartment for some reason, to run errands or whatnot and came home to find that the darn (the letter ‘D’ is a very popular letter) cat had gobbled up each and every one of Wesley’s bugs. 🙁

    That Colin – what a handsome fellow he is!

  3. I think that animals get bored quickly. Some years ago, my husband and me went out to meet friends in the evening. During our absence, our Labrador ate a whole birthday marzipan cake that we left on a cabinet in the kitchen. Never thought she would jump on the cabinet! 🙂

      • The name came from a Robert Heinlein book 🙂 He did survive the plant but sadly we lost him to the road. He was such a great character! We have two girls now, just over a year old and they’re into everything!!!! If they couldn’t eat the plant they just dug up the dirt. They both try to eat my climbing rose from the windowsill! Only one of them goes outside and she hasn’t destroyed any of my potted plants….. yet!

    • He’s a bit of a spunk isn’t he! The buckwheat really is only an interim thing – I’m using it as a cover crop (green manure) plus the beneficial insects love the stuff when it is flowering. Might not get to flower though – I’m way too impatient! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Hi Julie. Oh no! It is always frustrating when the cat gets involved in the gardening! So far so good for me – although last year was a different story. I still have my old brassicas in too! I am using the excuse it is good for the bees to visit the flowers, but in reality I’m just putting it off! Cheers Sarah : o )

  5. Just as a lot of my flowers (apart from those cheery Rudbeckia and reliable Cosmos) are fading it’s so lovely to see your Spring flowers. Your chook looks a great character too.

  6. What a cute cat though! Funny how he ate the seedlings, mine have dug in the seed raising mixture and pulled the seedlings out, but the destruction is evident. Gorgeous chicken and s for growing buckwheat, I never thought about it being grow-able. I will watch it’s progress with pleasure 😀

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