My slice of heaven …


This garden statue was much loved by my father. He called her Myfanwy a Welsh name. He was so very proud of her and had her positioned in his garden in a prime position so that she could be admired, if only by him. When it was time to bring her to Frog Pond Farm, I laboured over a position for her and decided that while she wouldn’t be on display as she had once been, that tucked in next to our duck pond amongst masses of greenery would be most befitting. I think I’m right.

Ah, what a weekend we have just had. The forecast was incorrect (tick) so while there were spots of rain, we spent most of the weekend outdoors. As hubby wanted to mulch around trees and as I don’t see much point in mulching over weeds and kikuyu grass, I spent a couple of days on hands and knees clearing below our olives and fruit trees in the orchard.  If you aren’t familiar with kikuyu it’s not native to NZ but an import from East Africa. When we first arrived here I used to loath the stuff. It is such a vigorous grower forming dense mats of greenery which will climb over other plants in its way, choking them into the bargain. I have had my moments with this stuff, but I have to admit unlike many varieties of grass here, it is drought resistant, stays green through summer and while not overly nutritious, does a great job at feeding my plump sheep.


I took this pic while I was sitting back admiring my work. Has this olive tree been pruned? Not likely 🙂 What an enjoyable experience it was, getting branches caught in my hair and feeling bits slip down my clothing onto my skin .. and hoping that none of them had legs!
Time for some photos …


A bee swarm … an old queen and her followers have left the hive and are grouping on a Totara tree. Interesting that while there is a mass of them they are less likely to be aggressive while moving house


Flowers on a woolly nightshade, which just happens to be in the same family as tomatoes .. purple is my fav colour


A peep at our chair positioned between two pine trees – perfect to sit here with a glass of vino


A view of our orchard


A beautiful bee enjoying the pollen from a plum blossom


Comfrey growing under a plum tree (Duff’s Early Jewel) – a must to have in your orchard and will pollinate other plums


And this pic, which is my favourite. Petals have been caught in a spider’s web … ah, how delicate

So, what a fabulous weekend it was. I love my slice of heaven!

Again, a big thank you to Amy for reblogging a post of mine. Gosh! that was such a surprise .. and her wonderful followers popped on over for a look at Frog Pond Farm. The blogging world will never cease to amaze me!


Have you wondered about my cucurbits? Well they are doing just fine, sun baking in the garage!

Happy gardening ..

PS a couple of pics of 2 very important members of our family





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  1. Julie, I love, love, love this post. Fantastic photos and so informative too. I’m going to re-blog as well since I have a blogging friend who keeps bees. I think she would enjoy the shot of the queen and her entourage. Oh. Loved the bench photo too. So lovely and relaxing. You do have a beautiful place. I’m so envious! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on A Sawyer's Daughter and commented:
    Just wanted to share a post of a blogging friend of mine from New Zealand. She tends to many living things — both plants and animals — on this wonderful place called Frog Pond Farm. She also takes some really terrific photos. Oh! And her name is Julie, so she also has that going for her! 🙂 I hope you will enjoy her blog as much as I do.

  3. Another wonderful informative post!
    Hey Jules… Thanks, I didn’t know about comfrey in the orchard. Will try it sometime. Not this year though. Needs fencing and the cattle would think that was great.
    You know, i always learn something from you thanks 🙂 … And your photos are fantastic, as always!

    • Hey Robyn … oh thank you! Comfrey is a winner one of the best things you can plant in your orchard. Don’t get me on the subject, I’ll rave on for ages. Next year! Glad you enjoyed the pics … I have chosen my bags too 🙂 Time to order them.

      • Happy to listen to you rave about your passions… They are very similar to mine 🙂
        My gardening is very much on the ‘down low’ these days… But I still love it!!
        Oooh! Glad you worked out your bags 😀

  4. Like you I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with kikuyu – I hate that it creeps into all my garden beds, it’s a constant battle to keep it only on the lawn. But it was the only thing that stayed green in my lawn over the last two summers, when we had water restrictions… so I guess it can stay 🙂

  5. Great post! I love watching your garden come alive as mine is going to sleep. I really like that rustic bench…may have to try and knock one of those together myself! Cheers, Ben

    • Thanks Benjamin .. yes ours is very much alive today. Sun is shining – spring is here at last even if it is windy 🙂 Glad you like that seat .. hubby bought it a few years ago. Rustic beauty.

  6. Oh, I love that view, Julie! Sweet rolling hills 🙂 Great pictures as usual, bees are well spotted. That bench is a true work of art! I can imagine how nice it is to sit there, looking around and thinking: how lucky am I to live in such a beautiful place. 🙂

    • Hello Annette … yes it is a great view. Our property is on the ‘hilly’ side. Yes was good work spotting those bees – I suspect they have grouped now and departed. Yes that bench is a favourite spot to sit – good place to catch a breather! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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