Oh dear …

It looks like our lovely rooster Collin has leg problems. He is an ‘orpington’ which is a heavy breed and apparently prone to leg issues. He is lame and in the chicken world when you are a bloke this is not a good thing. He has stopped crowing, looks like some sad old man hunched up and runs with great difficulty (which he shouldn’t be doing). We are going to isolate him and hope that this helps the situation – I have my doubts. Quick tissues needed.


And to make matters worse, Gladys is now sitting on only 5 eggs – but that’s another story.


I still haven’t planted my salad and tomato garden yet – but am hoping to do that in the next few days. Which means that beautiful buckwheat will stay in the garden for a bit longer.


I have decided that I will let the pics do the talking this week … it was raining when I whizzed out with my camera (covered of course!)


Garlic growing like mad.


A jumble of spring colours … and rain!


Fox glove


A tub of stinging nettle


Happy gardening …

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    • Hi … sorry for the late reply. Glad you like the pics. The nettles – I’m yet to use them, scared of getting stung 🙂 They are used a great deal in bio dynamics and can also be used as a compost activator. 🙂

  1. Lovely photos! Pictures always turn out great when they are taken in the rain. I like the streaks and greys behind the white flowers. . . you must have a steady hand. Sorry to hear of the bird trouble. Take care. Bob

  2. I can photograph in the rain? What a great idea! Curious what you do with the stinging nettles? I thought they were a weed. Thanks for another beautiful post.

    • Hi Julie … first time for me but I had that camera well covered. I haven’t done much with my nettles but they are used a great deal in bio dynamics and are a good compost activator. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Poor Collin! I hope chooks are not like horses when it comes to a broken leg. Please tell me they are not!

    Love the rain on the foxglove. Photography out in the elements? What a novel concept! 🙂

    Hope life is treating you well!

  4. Hi Julie. This terrible spring has made getting the garden sorted out tricky. I have my tomatoes in, but still have quite a lot more to do. I hope you find a happy solution for your Colin. I would hate for anything to happen to our Chicken (named by a 2 year old!) I have nursed him back to health a couple of times but we’ve had him so long and he has a lovely temperment. When you get a good rooster, he’s worth fighting for. Cheers Sarah : o )

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