Short on words

I thought this week I would let the pics do the talking. We have been so busy planting, weeding, feeding, sowing and caring for all those chooks and chicks at Frog Pond Farm.

And as the boys (hubby and brother) wanted to go fishing on the weekend without me, it was only fair that they had a list of things to do … starting with cleaning Chook Towers! Mean, who me?

chook towers-1090155

Lucky chooks!


The chickadees who wouldn’t stand still are nearly 2 weeks old!

duck pond-1090163

Frog Pond Farm in spring time

garlic madness-1090170

Garlic madness

orchard green-1090195

Green, green and more green – Luisa plums in the orchard

paper wasp-1090176

Paper wasp … he will sting, but he will also pollinate



We were out and about today …

red hot poker-1090207

Nature looking good …

At Raewyn’s … Heritage Farm


white wisteria-1090235

trike bike-1090246

Happy gardening!

48 thoughts

  1. Madame Julie, it all looks so lush- all that green. And your garlic look much happier than mine. Your fruit trees are at the same stage. Do you need to net them? We are bout to do the netting before the birds get there. Thank goodness for a bit of blog distraction- otherwise our gardens may hold us to ransom all day.

    • Hello Miss! Great to see you. Yes so very lush, probably cos it rains all the time. LOL .. The garlic is doing famously, although I did note a wee bit of rust the other day. Still I’ll be hauling it out soon. Yes I net those trees. We have loads of wild turkeys who think our orchard is their supermarket. Drive me nuts! Especially when I spend so much time tending those trees. Ah, how good is the blogging world Francesa? πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, lovely photos. I liked the little pig below the trike. It looks like summer is well underway. One question – did the boys really want to go fishing without you, or were you just as happy to stay and garden? Wonderful post! Take care.

  3. Great photos Julie. I am waiting on my 35 chicks to hatch this week and I presume that it is going to be keeping me busy along with a little girl who is just about crawling. Gardening will have to stay to my afternoons.

  4. Hey Julie another glorious post. Plenty of activity and colour – wonderful.. and hard work too.
    (Love Raj’s comment).
    Things are busy here too!!
    You’re going to have some wonderful bounty very soon, if not already.
    Cute, chickies, piglets and very pretty flowers. Fan-tastic!!!
    Your pictures speak wonderfully!!

  5. How very blessed you are to be where you can have all these things together! It must be a lot of work, but a sort of soul cleansing work that makes it all worthwhile.

    Do you name your chickens? My grandchildren name their chickens, and they give huge beautiful eggs every day.

    • Hi Beth … thank you. Oh boy it is such a lot of work but very soul cleansing indeed. I love my garden and watching it grow is absolutely worthwhile. Tastes pretty good too πŸ™‚ No I don’t name all my chickens, but there are several that are. Soon to the line-up will be a new rooster – he’s a teenager at present. But I shall think up a good name for the lad. Eggs from your own chooks are simply the best!

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