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I hope there are survivors from my epic post last week. I’m ever conscious that people are ‘time’ poor and that while some may love gardening tips (when I remember to include them), others I’m sure are yawning and scrolling quickly to the end wondering when my drivel is due to cease .. oh heaven forbid!


Back to the real stuff. Last weekend was brilliant. Work, work and more work. By Mr & Mrs Bonner of course. Always is .. even though it may sound as though I’m sole operator (Andrew’s buddies will be nudging each other – ‘see she has fessed up at last’). LOL .. no there are two of us!


I do have to add – my garden is looking fabulous. Weeded, fertilised, bulk organic material added, watered, trimmed, stuff dug out, garlic lifted and carrots and spring onions broadcast. I’m in gardening heaven … And it’s growing and the weather is sensational. Oh what more could I want!!!! Some time off?


I’m beautiful and I know it!


Free ranging with the adults


yacon garden-1090831

Yacon garden tucked away

puriri tree-1090833

Puriri blossom .. this is the tree that those moths love!


I have no idea what these are, but they are at our local beach. So pretty


Pohutakawa just starting to blossom .. same place

beach-walk-1090766No guesses where this might be


What’s my favourite colour?

Happy gardening!

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  1. Oh Jules – such a gorgeous post!!
    You do enjoy your garden and so do I 😃
    Cheeky chickens and sheep, gorgeous photos and the first photo??!! Wow! Awesome 😃😃

  2. Everything is so gorgeous and lush, and the photos just superb. And you are such a chook lady too. I know it’s all hard work but so rewarding Miss Julie. Maybe you should borrow my Italian Wwwoofer one day!

    • Francesca … thank you! Yes lush and lovely and I certainly am a chook lady! Love the girls .. I so enjoy the hard work makes the harvest so much tastier! LOL Oh, please do send over that wwwoofer. 🙂

  3. Is that really how big yakon grows?! Mine didn’t get anywhere near that this year – must try to get it in the ground earlier next spring and see what happens… Lovely to see all your sunny photos. It’s cold and frosty again here tonight – could just do with a dose of New Zealand warmth!

    • Yes they will grow that big … truth is they grow bigger than that! When they flower they would be about 8 ft high. You have much to look forward to 🙂 Glad you liked the pics and I hope you enjoy that dose of NZ warmth!

  4. It is looking so beautiful there, the garden looks great, it is getting terrible here, though a bit of rain recently will make it green a little longer before the summer kills all the grass. I want to be where you are Julie. 😀

  5. Good weather??? Please send some down to Wellington! Gorgeous photos, hens, sheep and garden. I’ve heard those beach plants called “Hare’s tails” and that seems to work doesn’t it. Lots of fluffy tails. My kids loved dying them with food colouring and adding colour via felt tip pens after collecting bunches of them off the sand dunes.
    I’m with you on your favourite colour. Thanks for the cheer on another grey/white windy day here:-)

    • Thank you! The weather has been amazing (about time!). Yesterday was one out of the box. Today, well a bit more like Akl weather. 🙂 Ah Hare’s tails, that’s appropriate. They are just gorgeous. Yep, loving purple … Glad to share some cheer! Thanks for stopping by ..

  6. WOW! Where to begin?!?!? Julie, these photos are FABULOUS! You really should join in on the photo posts. You’d blow everyone away. Gorgeous, girlfriend. GORGEOUS!

    So. What is yacon?!?!?! 🙂

    • Oh Julie .. gosh thank you! I’m so pleased you think so. As for the photo posts and challenges – I couldn’t do it, too scared! The only person I would surprise by doing it would be me! LOL … A thousand thanks. A Yacon … a tuberous edible root all the way from South America. Slightly sweet – delicious in our morning juices! Has a tiny yellow flower … 🙂

  7. These photos are amazing – the way you use the focus feature to hone in on these lovely things is great! Was going to tell you what my favourite photo was but I love them all!

  8. Hi Julie. How lovely it must be to have help. I have one reluctant Hubby the Un-Gardener who digs on demand (most of the time). Sometimes when you look at everything that needs doing it can be a bit overwhelming, it would be lovely to have someone to share the load – but only if they do it my way!
    It looks wonderful again. Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Hubby the un-gardener, I love that 🙂 .. Couldn’t do it without Andrew, but in saying that we do things very differently. Does he weed? I don’t think so 😀
      The veg garden is my pride and joy!

  9. Oh I have yakon on my list of things i want to grow some day, didnt realise it grew so big! Your garden is awesome and your photos are to die for. I just love looking through your blog.

  10. Hi Julie Great shots.. The chooks shots are really good. Very country. Can you check in your menu if your white balance is set to auto, some look like they have a yellow tint to them. You’re still shooting jpegs? You can fix things like white balance if you shoot raw. Anyway, you know my feelings about that…. God, it is so stormy, dodging clouds all day, it is as steamy as a fresh dimsim. I’ve had the bottles and glasses with me for two days and haven’t yet found the place to shoot, but that could be because of the sweat in my eyes. I definitely have to get the air fixed in my car, its like driving a pizza oven, with pizzas in side it. Anyway I’ll keep looking. Fridays been cancelled, big low coming over thursday… I might get to shoot something this evening or maybe in the morning… Might be time to dig out the xmas props… Ok, whats on with dominion… ????

    • Oh boy … you are my mentor we both know that! Glad you like those chookie shots .. yes very country indeed. I will check the white balance and yes I have been caught out .. still shooting jpegs. Oops! 🙂

  11. You’re never a bore, Julie, I always enjoy my visits. Luvely pics of a beautiful place! Could the grass at the beach be Lagurus? Don’t know if it grows in NZ but will investigate. I wish we’d be into summer…or spring at least 😉

  12. Your garden IS looking fabulous. Thanks. And good show on the shout-out to Andrew. He’s a hard worker, I expect. And a lucky dude, I’m sure! 🙂

  13. Dear Julie, I never get bored by your posts. Quite the contrary. In our dark winter months when everything comes to a hold my mood brightens when I watch your images! Thank you for this. I send you my best wishes. Josephine.

    • I’m pleased Josephine 🙂 It must be nice when the weather is dark is visit our side of the world. So pleased that it adds some colour to your day. You are so very very welcome. Best wishes back at you 🙂

  14. I don’t know why your posts don’t show up on my reader…
    I love the pictures in this.
    The best I can do with plants, is to photograph them…

  15. Your garden is looking stunning Julie! All those vivid colours, not to mention warmth look so appealing from a British winter!

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