Cats, climate and coffee


I’m sitting at my usual spot at the kitchen table, my fingers are dancing on the keys of my laptop .. tap, tap, tap.

Outdoors the wind is howling like some mad dog .. craving for attention.  I glance over my shoulder. Our pines and poplars are being whipped into a green frenzy .. It’s summer right? You have got to be bonkers!

We have been experiencing some of the worst weather I can remember …

Our spud garden has been flattened, two trees (one large) has hit the dirt … the fence next to our poplars is down hauling the grape vine with it, there is unripe fruit laying strewn, I have just wiped a tear. Oh carnage.


Poplar down on Sunday


AB .. you don’t need to say a word. 

I know it isn’t life threatening or any of that .. but I’m sad. We work hard, both of us and love this place and what it is. Sometimes nature can be so damned annoying!


Even Sally is sad …

Still think on the bright side




imagine how good Lucy felt after being shorn


or cats who sleep through everything (right 🙂 )


Well some might say .. have a coffee


However, I’m enjoying a glass of wine instead.

Happy gardening …

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  1. Glass of wine sounds good. The wind is howling here as well, very gusty, though no trees down so far. Our cat Tiddles is acting a little weird, don’t think he like the wind. Love the monochrome with the splash of colour.

    • Hey Leanne … was too! 🙂 The weather has been tragic the last 5 days or so and we have more of it on the horizon. Love your cat Tiddles .. loved those macro shots of him btw. Our kitties don’t get bothered by much at all. Gosh, thanks for you comment on the mono with the purple .. hubby got me to put it up! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. HI Julie. I am so with you on the weather. It is absolutely dreadful. If the boffins are right then tomorrow isn’t supposed to be any better. The hardest bit is seeing the rest of the country having a lovely summer! I hope you don’t have any further damage. It can’t stay like this for ever. The sun will have to come out eventually. Cheers Sarah : o )

    • Hey Sarah … I knew you would comment. And it is absolutely foul! I can’t recall it ever being like this at this time of year. Looks like we have slipped back into winter. Everywhere is enjoying good weather … oh not fair! 🙂 Yes the sun will head on back. I can’t wait 🙂

  3. Oh it heartbreaking when you lose trees 🙁 I think the whole world is going to be enduring freakish weather but it’s our own fault! Just glad we haven’t had the gales and flooding that came last winter! Hopefully the weather will clear for you soon. The cats don’t seem at all bothered 😉

  4. Beautiful pics and so sad the wind has been so devastating – you always seem to have a little “micro-climate” where you are – but the wind found you this time!! Been absolutely dreadful where I am “up north” major rain and gale force winds – hopefully they will ease today!! So glad I am not biking anywhere at the moment!! Enjoy your beautiful wine!! 🙂

    • Hello B .. oh boy the wind has found us. The northerly whips up a storm and is so damaging. I bet you have copped some nasty weather up there too. Oh no, I couldn’t imagine biking in this 🙂 I enjoyed that wine … Rose 😀

  5. Hi Julie. That’s too bad. It is tough to watch the trees and plants we spend time on get knocked down by the weather. Our weather is very different here, but I’m always amazed at how plants bounce back. Sometimes stress does them good. I’m not sure if it’s the same with people though. Lovely photographs! That ‘s a good looking herd of cats. Take care and keep the wine flowing!

    • We had such a rotten spring too. Oh well, chin up! Yes those plants will eventually shake off the water and hopefully get cracking. I don’t much like the look of the spuds though and my poor beans. Whoops. Wonder if valium would work in the garden? Glad you like those pics Bob. I did enjoy a glass or two. 🙂

    • Hello Josephine … I did do the black and white, not brilliantly though. This was my first attempt ever at adding colour back. I’m definitely going to have a go at mono more. Glad you like those pics 😀

  6. Sorry to hear about your bad weather…guess to say it can always be worse is a small comfort. At least you’ll have firewood and room for a new, pretty tree. Nature is tough at times but it’s also amazing to see how quickly things recover afterwards, so keep your chin up, Julie. I’ve had snow in June flattening everything, so I know what I’m talking about. 🙂

    • Hi Annette … always good hearing from you. The night I wrote this the weather was extreme … but today the sun is shining. I nearly forgot what it looked like 🙂 and it is our summer. Yes nature can be tough, but those plants will straighten up and get growing. And I do have a spot for another tree. You take care and thanks for your support 🙂

  7. Sorry to learn about the whirlwind-desolation your garden has been contending with…wine does sound blissfully therapeutic, although, so does a nice brew. Glad the damage is not extremely severe. Beautiful photos as always. One thing I do love about nature is her resilience- I am sure your garden will exceed all previous splendor in no time at all, thanking you for your care and diligence. Here the wind has not been very noticeable but the sea has been very disgruntled and decided to take a huge chomp out of the beach, creating a steep and treacherous cusp. They re-nourished the beach a few months back and the sea is making the beach her own, once again, removing all that “sand dirt” they had hauled in from the mainland. Where there was once “sand” now sprawls a bed of rich and beautiful shells- and that I much prefer! 🙂 I’ve really rambled. Best wishes to you,

    Autumn Jade

    • You can ramble anytime 🙂 No thank you so much for your comment. The damage wasn’t extreme by any extent, but so annoying as the garden was just getting going. It will be back, sure of it! Ah, sounds much like the sea is reclaiming. We have a similar issue at our local beach Muriwai. They wouldn’t dare attempt to renourish, it would get hauled out to sea in a ziffy. So nice to hear from you. Best wishes back at you 🙂

      • I love the ebb and flow of cusps and scarps- beautiful formations. It is always a little satisfying to watch the sea reclaim her beach and make it entirely her own, once again. Muriwai sounds wild and free and absolutely lovely. Do you see a lot of wind-surfers out there with all those gusts?

  8. Muriwai is very wild, no doubt about it. Black sand, vast and perfect for those that love surfing. The wind creates a side show. But this beach is coastal and needs to be treated with respect. Me, I just love photographing it 🙂

  9. What crazy weather for summer, we have ex stream weather here in Crete but only in the autumn and winter and our high winds come from the south, I guess your storms are tropical with lots of rain and is natures way of pruning. I am sure things will improve. Happy Christmas.

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