A Kiwi Christmas

I’m hanging up my gardening gloves and ditching that spade for a couple of days, time to concentrate on the Christmas Day festivities that we have planned. A special night with our neighbours … fun, food and some nice beverage, Toi Toi of course!

No garden ramblings this post … but a few local pics to share with you 🙂






dan christmas-1100051

Thank you for visiting Frog Pond Farm and for your encouragement and friendship. Andrew and I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas, relaxing holidays (I know what I’ll be doing 🙂 ) and all the best for 2015.

Needless to say Dan did not enjoy being dressed up for his Chrissy photo …

Happy gardening!

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  1. Beautiful Julie! Dan is quite the handsome fellow. Wishing you and Andrew a fantastic Christmas and a spectacular New Year. I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know you and looking forward to a continued friendship in 2015!

    • Hi Miss … thank you. And yes, he is handsome .. has tickets on himself 🙂 Wishing you and Bill a wonderful Chrissy and may 2015 be a very special year for you both. I have so enjoyed getting to know you too in this wonderful blogging sphere! See you next year girlfriend!

  2. Poor Dan, haha…hope he got a nice treat for the modelling! Great pics, never saw Kniphofia in a ditch but I admired your aptly named NZ christmas tree – wish I could grow it here. Have a fab xmas, health and happiness in 2015 🙂

  3. Great year of Blog Julie. The control over your exposure is going really well. Look forward to more.
    Have a really excellent Christmas…

    • Hello! And thanks for popping over to my blog .. Dan is very handsome in the outfit even though he loathes his pic being taken. I had to bribe him with cheese 🙂 A very happy New Year right back at you too! I’m looking forward to following you in the NY. 😀

  4. Gorgeous local pics Julie and a lovely pic of Dan 🙂
    Do hope you had the best Christmas and enjoyed celebrating with your neighbours.
    Today’s the 10th Jan now – back to work in a couple of days… sigh 😉

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