Goodbye 2014 …

My last post for 2014 …

Our summer garden is doing nicely as you would expect. The zucchini plants are pumping out long green shafts on a regular basis, we are digging up and eating purple heart spuds daily, the cucumber is doing a brilliant job of climbing over everything in its way (I’m still scratching my head in amazement – I planted it in the middle of a bed!). The runner beans are hauling themselves up and over their trellis, chilli plants are bushing out and boasting flowers, the salad garden is full of lettuces and beetroot waiting in line to be munched on, there is beautiful colour and cheer from all the zinnia, cosmos, cleome, geraniums, marigold, nasturtium and calendula growing very happily amongst my veg. I even have carrots on the way and loads of them.

The orchard is looking superb with plums ripening, peaches getting plumper and the wild turkeys standing close by waiting.

So I should be posting pics of our garden madness shouldn’t I?

Well guess what, I’m not – LOL.

We live very close to the coast and a gannet colony which just happens to attract thousands of visitors each year from far and wide.

So with a new camera in hand (thanks Andrew) I was out and about the other day snapping!

gannet colony-1100307

gannet rock-1100340

Muriwai beach-1100304



Thanks for stopping by this year …

Wishing you and your families a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

43 thoughts

  1. At first I was disappointed, although the picture you painted with your words is magnificent, a few photos would be nice I thought! However these ones of the coast and gannets are fabulous so happy new year and look forward to following you next year.

  2. The coast of New Zealand is such a stunning place- Julie, you are so fortunate to live near such amazing beauty. Enjoy your new camera- your photos are always so delicious, a visual treat every time I open your post. Best wishes for the New Year. F.xx

  3. Happy New Year to you and Andrew!! The pics are fabulous as usual – but a new camera – wow!! I think we are in for lots more great pics in 2015!!!

  4. Isn’t the ocean glorious at this time of year? I can understand your need for a break from the garden, both to try out the new camera, and for a spot of cool ocean air!
    Happy New Year to you, Julie. 🙂

  5. How cruel to write about the glory of summer when I have to look out onto a solidly frozen landscape 😉 . The gannet pics bring back happy memories from our holidays in NZ. We visited the colony at Cape Kidnappers. Great hike along the beach to get there, just loved it! Where is your colony? Best wishes to you, Julie

    • Hello lovely .. today is magic, sunny and hot (sorry 🙂 ) Cape Kidnappers, that must have been fabulous! Our colony is off Maori Bay, Muriwai which is on the west coast of the North Island. Best wishes back at you Annette. I’m so looking forward to seeing your wonderful garden come back to life 🙂

  6. Hi Julie, how wonderful is it to have a new camera and going out and practise! I’m glad for you and I look forward to your pictures.
    I wish you in 2015 a year full of happiness and health! Best regards, Josephine.

    • Hello Josephine! Oh is is exciting having a new camera a Lumix GH4. Loads to learn with it. Fingers crossed on some good pics this year. I have to try B&W don’t I? I wish you and your hubby a fabulous year full of lots of wonderful things, happiness and health. Looking forward to your photos Miss! 🙂

    • Santa gave me a Lumix GH4. Just wonderful .. I have a collection of lens. Very lucky me! The garden is out of control … I laugh when I see it. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year Julie, I have so enjoyed getting to know you. Yay!

    • Hey Bob … well thank you! I just have to try some B&W now. And guess what? I’m off auto. LOL My garden is growing gang busters … managed mayhem. Glad you like the shot of the birds, was a dull day. You take care and wishing you and your wonderful family a very special 2015!

  7. Congratulations on a bountiful garden and a new camera! I adore these birds and would be amongst the hoards drawn there if I could just find a boat to stow-away on 😉 Superb images. Loved them all. That last one is especially poignant. What a spectacular place. I imagine the nesting families were up to some antics. I certainly hope so. I love bird colonies, watching how they interact. I try to merge with the little resting colonies of royal terns here on the beach. They try to waddle away and I just keep crawling back into the flock and they eventually become exasperated and let me stay, plucking feathers into my face and waddling all around me with crumpled up expressions, studying the strange ape-creature. Endlessly enthralling. Happy, happy New Year to you!!! Many fluttering sea-mist squawking hugs to you,

    Autumn Jade

  8. Oh what a beautiful comment! And yes those gannets were up to some hilarious antics with their youngsters and neighbours. How wonderful getting in with the terns on the beach. I can just see you hanging in there. Go girl! Can I say a very happy happy New Year back at you. Loads of fluttering sea-mist squawking hugs to you too! 😀

  9. Ahhh… sigh…
    OK, there’s only one thing for me to do: spend May to December in Canada, and January to April Down Under. Your garden sounds divine, and especially so at this time of year, to a Canadian who is freezing her parts off.

  10. Happy New Year Jules – and again wonderful pics.
    Such a wonderful thing having a bird colony nearby – thanks for sharing.
    A new camera!! Exciting – Andrew’s a good man 😉 Do tell 😀
    We’ve been picking cherries and plums here, but the cockies have beaten us to lots of the produce this year.
    However, we were able to pick plenty for us!

    • Hey Robyn .. New Year hugs to you! So pleased you liked the pics. And yes, it is great having a bird colony nearby. You would love taking pics I’m sure. My lovely hubby bought me a Lumix G for Chrissy … to go with my collection of lens. Lucky me! Oh I wish we grew cherries, but I loathe sharing my fruit with the wildlife. The wild turkeys are waiting casually by for the fruit to ripen .. 🙂

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